If you are a lover of classic, unique styles, then there is little doubt that you will love vintage wedding rings! Vintage wedding rings are hugely different, some plain, and with some with gems and diamonds that are out of this world! The thing that makes these rings so attractive to any couple, is the fact that they are connected to a little piece of history that stays with them forever.Tiffany vintage wedding ring

The following is some valuable information regarding vintage wedding rings, to help you choose your one for your big day.

Do They Cost More?

They are normally a bit more expensive than modern-day rings, especially if you purchase yours from an experienced jeweller who knows the value of the items they are selling.

Vintage wedding ring styles available to choose from include:

Vintage Wedding Rings With Stunning Diamonds – choosing a wedding ring with diamonds is the perfect way to start your new life with your loved one. There is a wide range available in yellow gold, white gold, platinum, palladium and more, with diamonds, and in many assorted designs and styles.

vintage wedding ring and diamondsHalo Rings – these vintage rings are beautiful and come in several elegant and intricate designs, and usually feature mill graining, filigree, hand engraving, and diamond pave. Besides diamonds, many halo rings include sapphires and rubies in their settings, which make them even more special.

Floral-Inspired Rings – floral-inspired vintage wedding rings are made with designs that include bouquets and enchanting flower patterns, with each ring being different from the next. These rings are perfect for those brides who are looking for something ultra-romantic and feminine.

Oval-Cut Rings – it’s the graceful elegance of oval-cut vintage wedding rings that give them the edge over other rings. The elongated shape of the diamond makes the finger look longer, slender, and incredibly sophisticated. Oval cut rings are timeless and a popular choice that also looks amazing in a classic, solitaire style.

Vintage Solitaire Rings – The solitaire style are ideal for those who prefer “less is more,” and with a solitaire cut diamond or some other gemstone, it does indeed make the ring more! It’s the single diamond or gemstone in the centre of the setting and the absence of accent stones that make this vintage wedding ring unique and even more special.

vintage diamond solitaire ring

White Gold Vintage Rings – vintage wedding rings made with white gold especially, are extremely popular with many brides. This is due to white gold being known as a symbol of everlasting love and purity.
A vintage solitaire diamond ringRose Gold Rings – when vintage wedding rings are made from rose gold, they look charming and sparkly when studded with diamonds and luminous gems. Their timeless, irresistible beauty makes them the ideal wedding ring for those who love vintage jewellery that is sophisticated and easy on the eye.

Yellow Gold Wedding Rings – the charm of these rings cannot be ignored. Ranging from double band rings to rings with unique cuts, two stones, hexagon shapes, as well as silky solitaires. Yellow gold vintage wedding rings are also symbols of love, romance, prosperity, and compassion.

Stackable Vintage Rings – stackable vintage wedding rings are extremely popular with those brides-to-be who want to attract attention and stand out from others. Stackable rings are worn on one finger and normally consist of two or more rings that sit well together. Being extremely versatile, stackable rings, besides giving an amplified effect, also give a fun and fresh look.

Round And Cushion Cut Vintage Wedding Rings – the cushion and round cut are two of the most popular diamond shapes for rings. However, they are both breathtakingly beautiful, which makes it difficult for some brides-to-be to choose between the two. Most popular though, is the round cut diamond, with 57 facets, because besides having the better brilliance and sparkle, it is also best at hiding colour flaws and clarity.

The cushion-cut on the other hand, with its pillow-shaped outline, is the better choice for those who are on a budget. Developed from the miner cut of one of the earliest diamonds in the world, the cushion cut diamond, with its gorgeous, soft-rounded edges, makes a vintage wedding ring look charming and sophisticated.

In Conclusion

There are many different and unique styles and options available when it comes to choosing a vintage wedding ring. From those mentioned above to amazing art deco wedding rings, and many, many more. They have that uniquenes, the old-world look and feel that adds to their beauty and charm, but besides this though, they become fantastic heirlooms in families that can be passed down from one generation to the next! You can view our range of vintage wedding rings here

August 17, 2021 — CG Hart