The exquisite sapphire was on the original Hebrew list as the birthstone for September and remains so to this day. Besides being the birthstone for September, this stunning blue gemstone has continued to be a firm favourite for people all over the world, for hundreds of years.

sapphire ring on hand

Sapphire, as a precious gem, has a rich history and some incredible properties!

Interesting Facts About The September Birthstone

  • Appearance: Opaque or transparent
  • Colour: Sapphires come in a variety of colours, including various shades of blue, orange, pink, black, purple, and even colourless.
  • Rarity: Some colours are rare, and others are easily found as uncut gems.
  • Moh’s Hardness: 9

Formation And History

The name “sapphire” is the Greek word for “blue.”  Before the properties of the gem became known in the Middle Ages, the name “sapphire” was given to a variety of other blue-coloured stones, which are now known to be Lapis Lazuli.

It was discovered, during the 1800s, that sapphires and rubies are varieties of gem from the same mineral, namely Corundum, a rock-forming mineral with a hardness second only to diamonds.

Although pure corundum is colourless, the tiny amounts of chemical impurities in both sapphires and rubies, give the gems their unusual colours.

The rich red colour of rubies is the result of Chromium, and the name sapphire is given to all other shades of corundum which is caused by titanium and iron. These colours include yellows, blues, greens, pinks, and several others. The colour blue is the one most associated with sapphires.

Prior to these assorted colours being named “sapphire” they had misleading names like “oriental peridot” and “oriental topaz.”

Where Is Sapphire Found?

Pegmatite, basalt, and marble are the main sapphire-bearing rocks, with some of the most sought-after sapphires being found in Kashmir, India. Deposits here were in the Sanskar region, at a height of 16,500 feet, and produced sapphires coloured a deep, cornflower blue with a shiny sheen.

Sapphires are found everywhere in the world, with most of the finest stones being mined in Sri Lanka. Madagascar has also been a key area for sapphire mining since 2016, with Australia, Tanzania, and Montana being other popular regions.

Philosophical Properties Of Sapphire

Known as the wisdom stone, sapphires of each colour having their own specific wisdom. The September birthstone is also said to help the mind to focus, release undesirable thoughts, and create a calming effect. It is believed that sapphires bring serenity and peace of mind by aligning spiritual, mental, and physical planes to restore balance to the entire body 

By Colour

  • Black sapphire – protective and relays confidence in a person’s intuition and is also said to help hold on to a job.
  • Blue sapphire – this colour seeks truth and is traditionally connected with purity and love. Believed to also enable self-expression and speaking truthfully.
  • Yellow sapphire – attracts and increases wealth and prosperity.
  • Green sapphire – believed to help recall dreams and stimulate integrity and loyalty.

Healing Properties Of Sapphire

Sapphires are believed to relax an overactive body system and regulate the glands. The September birthstone is also thought to heal and improve vision, treat blood disorders, reduce excessive bleeding, as well as strengthen veins and their flexibility.

Famous Sapphire Birthstones

Even though the September birthstone comes in a variety of colours it is the bold, cobalt blue stone that is the most popular and gets all the attention. Some of the most famous sapphire birthstones include:

The Star Of India – weighing in at 563 carats, this gem, one of the finest examples of a blue star sapphire, presents a radiating effect known as asterism. Owned by the American Museum of Natural History, the Star of India is one of the most valuable sapphires on earth. It featured in a movie in the 1060s, when it was stolen in a jewellery heist, together with an extremely expensive star ruby.

star of India sapphire

A British Royal Wedding Ring – Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge proudly wears another famous September birthstone on her left hand. This famous gem has a true-to-life story behind it, in that Prince William presented it to the duchess when he proposed to her. The ring was once worn by his mother, Princess Diana, an 80s fashion icon, who caused a bit of an uproar when she was seen wearing this bold sapphire birthstone ring, rather than a traditional diamond engagement ring.

Princess Diana Sapphire Engagement ring

Prince William stated that the ring belonged to Diana, his beloved mother, and is incredibly special to him. According to him, Kate is just as special to him as his beloved mother’s ring, and it made perfect sense that the two were joined together!

Do Sapphires Make A Good Investment?

Sapphires are an interesting choice for investment because they are normally cheaper than diamonds. The September birthstone also comes in a variety of colours and is often used as an alternative to coloured diamonds in jewellery. Although blue is the most favourite colour, sapphires of other colours, like pink and yellow, are becoming increasingly popular with collectors. Buying any sapphires these days is considered to be a worthwhile investment, that will bring in good returns in the future.

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September 01, 2021 — CG Hart