Buying an engagement ring for your other half before you get married is exciting but can be incredibly daunting at the same time. This is because of the enormous variety of engagement rings available that you must go through until you find the one that seems perfect to you. 

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While modern engagement rings are stunning, they cannot compete with the gorgeous antique rings of yesteryear.

Here Are 10 Reasons To Choose An Antique Engagement Ring For The Love Of Your Life Before The Big Day.

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  1. They are unique – the one thing about antique engagement rings that make them so popular with many is the fact that each one is different from the other. That exquisite antique ring you buy for your bride-to-be is a once-off, so she will be thrilled to know that no one else in the entire universe will be wearing a ring like hers!
  2. The excitement to find that perfect ring - the build-up to your wedding day will become even more exciting as you spend days searching for the ring that you “click” with. As you set eyes on it, you will know in your heart, that it is the perfect ring for your loved one.
  3. Incredible detail – antique engagement rings were made with incredible detail. An excellent example is a stunning ring with an Old Mine diamond in its centre, held in place by a trellis of platinum openwork detail consisting of several smaller diamonds. This detail produces a highly embellished, geometrically engraved ring shank.
  4. Old diamonds have character – the diamonds in antique engagement rings aren’t like the ones used in today's jewellery. They are broader, with cuts that are not precise, which makes them come alive under candlelight. The flickering flame produces a soft iridescence instead of the bright sparkle produced by modern diamonds with their perfect facets. In short, the less-than-perfect old diamonds come to life in romantic settings and are perfect for couples in love!
  5. They’re a part of history – besides that antique engagement rings are gorgeous, most of them have been around for at least 100 years, so they’re loaded with history too! How many fingers have worn them? Which events were the rings worn to? How were they presented to the bride-to-be? Even though no one will ever know the answers to these questions, it’s still exciting to be a part of the history of that ring.
  6. You have the right to be boastful – it's a social no-no to brag about things, but when you’re wearing an authentic antique engagement ring, you can boast all you like! Be proud of your ring and flaunt it! Tell the world that you’re wearing an antique ring and feel good about it!
  7. A future heirloom – antique engagement rings are basically treasured heirlooms waiting to be a part of a family. It is a valuable piece of history that has been handed down through the years. In other words, your antique engagement ring can also be a cherished heirloom and become a part of your family’s history.
  8. Each antique engagement ring has a personality of its own – it's the small, almost undetectable defects that give each antique engagement ring its own personality. They were made by hand by craftsmen who took pride in their work, giving the entire ring a charisma that modern methods cannot possibly recreate.
  9. They’re exquisite works of art – no one can dispute the fact that antique engagement rings are unique, timeless, works of art. There is little doubt that most brides-to-be would be thrilled to receive an antique engagement ring from their future husbands.
  10. You will have the perfect ring for you – although there is an enormous variety of stunning engagement rings out there to choose from, it will be impossible to sift through all of them to find the one that’s best for you. Your ring must suit you and your personality and must look fantastic no matter what you are wearing. With all the above great reasons to choose an antique engagement ring, it makes perfect sense to skip all the modern ones and find the one from days gone by, that is waiting for you!

How To Ensure You Are Buying An Authentic Antique Engagement Ring

If you are planning on spending a significant sum of money on an antique engagement ring, then here are a few hints and tips that should help you to make sure that you are indeed buying an authentic piece of jewellery.

  • Avoid choosing a ring with opals and pearls – many people make the mistake of choosing rings with opals and pearls, and although these are beautiful, they are not a good choice for engagement rings. The reason for this is that opals and pearls aren’t as durable as other gemstones and become scratched and damaged easily and will shorten the lifetime of the ring significantly.
  • Shop only in reputable jewellery shops – there are countless places selling antique engagement rings, but if you are inexperienced and don’t know what to look for, then it is advisable to only approach well-known jewellers like ourselves at Vintage Tom and Charles Hart Jewellers, so that you don’t end up buying a fake and will get the best advice and impeccable service.
  • Certification and paperwork – a reputable jeweller must provide you with certification regarding 1) the quality of the diamonds, 2) the age of the diamond/s, and 3) the age of the setting of the mounting. The certification for authentic antique engagement rings should include all three of these factors. If the jeweller is only willing to provide certification for the first two factors, then the ring is a recreation. It is advisable to best not buy an antique ring without the proper certification.

In Conclusion

If you are searching for a ring that has that “something” more to offer, and that will stand the test of time, then contact us as soon as possible, and we will be more than happy to assist you. We have a wide variety of exquisite antique engagement rings to offer, so you are sure to find the one that is perfect for the future bride! 

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August 05, 2021 — CG Hart