Vintage diamond rings are one of the most important kinds of rings. They are said to be vintage as they come from a certain popular period in time in history not dating less than 20 years. Vintage diamond rings are one of a kind and can be very rare to find and very expensive for that matter. However, you can rest assured that diamonds are worth the effort to get your money’s worth. Before you choose the kind of ring you want, you should also learn the kind of styles in which the rings come in, so that you can know what you have.

Vintage Diamond rings come in mainly four different styles:

Halo rings

These are made from a very beautiful design in which a series of beautiful diamond details around a centre head diamond. The design came into fashion around the 1920s and has been a favourite for many. The good thing about it is that the centre head diamond looks bigger when surrounded by other diamond details. You can check with us if you want one for you or for your special someone.

Milgrain style

This style is one of the oldest styles in diamond ring making and is believed to date back to around 5000BC. The style basically includes the setting of small bead-like designs around the headstone. The design is made by a special tool that raises the metal on which the diamond is cast in a way to form of bead-like carvings.

Diamond pave setting style

This style is not very different from the Milgrain style, only that the style incorporates the use of small diamond rings on the side of the head diamond. The style is mostly admired because the added diamonds increase the sparkle of the ring making it more attractive to the eye.

Side Stone setting style

This style includes the decoration of the head diamond with other smaller diamonds around it. The style is a beauty as the glitter created is an amazing style. The style can also incorporate the use of other gems in the place of diamonds.

As vintage diamonds are very rare and very valuable, custodians are bound to desire to keep them valuable over the period of time. To ensure that the diamond ring does not lose value over the years, the owners can look out for the following;

  • At all times, the owner should ensure that the head diamond is kept protected to prevent it from flaws such as crack or line. These will devalue the diamond as it might need to be recut to avoid breaking; the cutting reduces the carats and still, the value goes lower.
  • The diamond’s value can also lose value if it develops a yellow tint. In case the tint develops you can use a gold backdrop behind the diamond to reduce the visibility of the tint.
  • Lastly, you must make sure that your diamond is cut proportionally in order that it reflects light appropriately for a better price.

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