Rings in every culture today and in the past held a certain meaning. Some could have meant friendship, some symbolized unity in love, friendship, family or group. Some symbolized leadership as others symbolized a promise or agreement. In the modern world today, most rings, especially diamonds are more commonly used as to symbolize engagement and commitment to someone. For whatever purpose they serve, diamond rings have been with us for a very long period of time.

Diamond rings that have been present for a period more than 50 years are said to be “antique diamond rings” due to their age. In most cases, the precise qualification is that the diamond be around since the 1930’s. The value of a diamond is said to increase with age, so the older the diamond, the more expensive the diamond is said to be. However, the value of the diamond is further determined by some basic characteristics that the diamond has. The characteristics are carefully examined by jewellers and the price placed on the diamond.

The antique characteristics include the following:

Diamond Cut Quality

You have obviously noticed that most diamonds glitter in the presence of light. This is basically determined by the quality of the cut of the diamond. The better the quality of the cut, the more light the diamond reflects back. Therefore, the better the original cut of your diamond, the better the price tag in case it’s an antique.

Diamond Clarity and Condition

The value of an antique is always determined by the presentation of the piece. The condition of the diamond despite the age is very important as buyers will most likely want to buy a jewel that is very presentable. Therefore, for your antique diamond ring to fetch more money you need to make sure that the flaws created over time are least visible. The lesser visible the defect is, the more the value added to the ring on top of its age.

Diamond Colour

The colour of the diamond plays a major role as well. This is mostly determined by the presence of a yellow tint in the diamond. The more transparent the diamond is, the more valuable it’s said to be.

Carat Weight and Antique value

The weight of the diamond is also a major player. The heavier the diamond the more valuable it is. Therefore, the bigger the diamond head, the more the value. The other case is the period from which the diamond was made. This is, however a factor not really specific, but is predominately based on buyer preferences. Some buyers prefer antiques from certain periods of time.

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