We are able to arrange a private viewing of items to purchase your unwanted jewellery and watches on certain mornings during the week from 9am-12noon. please call 01373 462089 or email us at contact@vintagetom.co.uk with your details.  Our jewellery buyer will call you to arrange an appointment suitable for you.

Please note we can pay cash, but we do prefer to arrange a bank transfer or a cheque 


Not everyone wants to come into a shop to sell their unwanted items. Well you do not have to with the FREE Charles Hart post your gold to us service. Just email us or call us on 01373 462089 and we will send you a FREE Special Delivery envelope. 

Just place your items in the envelope (weigh the total on your home scales) and then take to the Post Office and once we receive the items we will call you or email with our unbeatable offer. 

We are a reliable High Street Family Jeweller established in 1820. If you accept our offer we can send a cheque or pay direct to your bank. If you do not like our offer we will return the items with no quibble or charge.

Click here to contact us today by email