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As jewellers we often buy in second hand and vintage diamond rings, many have been used as engagement rings. An oft used phrase from a lady wanting an engagement ring is ‘would I want someones else’s engagement ring, surely there is a sad story with such a ring?’

One could view it this way, but maybe it should be seen from another angle. Particularly with diamonds, they are millions of years in formation, then cut and polished by experts to provide the stunning look of brilliance and fire. A diamond cannot possibly be just for the lifetime of an individual, how could it be. A diamond, in fact any gemstone is something that will last for eternity.

Yes, a broken engagement, a marriage that ends is sadness for all concerned. We believe though that once we have purchased someones else’s engagement ring from a customer we give it a new lease of life. Lets face it who would buy a house if it were only new! A much bigger purchase, and in many ways a house has much more in the way of ‘having a past’. When our goldsmith has a ring he repolishes it, restores the claws, remove any marks and brings it back to as near new as it could ever be.

A restored diamond ring is a beauty to behold. Also it is far better value to purchase a pre owned ring, it could save you easily 50% off a new ring, and you pay less tax too! Only a small proportion carries vat.

May 31, 2018 — CG Hart