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Part 2… Second Hand Engagement Ring

Part 2, why buy a second hand engagement ring…

Yes, a broken engagement, a marriage that ends is sadness for all concerned. We believe though that once we have purchased a ring from a customer we give it a new lease of life. Lets face it who would buy a house if it were only new! A much bigger purchase, and in many ways a house has much more in the way of ‘having a past’. When our goldsmith has a ring he repolishes it, restores the claws, remove any marks and brings it back to as near new as it could ever be.
A restored diamond ring is a beauty to behold. Also it is far better value to purchase a pre owned ring, it could save you easily 50% off a new ring, and you pay less tax too! Only a small proportion carries vat.
Look to history for examples of a ring that has been pre-owned. Take our own beautiful Duchess of Cambridge, William gave her his mothers stunning sapphire and diamond cluster ring. If there was ever a ring with history, that must be it, but she wears it with pride and it will no doubt become a ‘hand me down’ without precedent.

The Queen wears a ring a coronation original owned and designed for Queen Victoria in 1838 and passed down through the line of succession.

Throughout the ages rings have been worn and re-worn, remodelled, and the pleasure of seeking a pre owned vintage or antique ring can be even more special then just choosing from a modern range in the High Street. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, if you are the type of person that loves a vintage look, or does not mind a modern ring at maybe half the cost, or indeed a modern solitaire, getting twice as big a stone as new, yet the same price, then pre-owned is for you.
or maybe modern traditional….

whatever your love, have the ideal ring for you. Always provided with a lovely gift box, a full valuation, and a 14 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy.
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