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Loving your jewellery

If you care for your jewellery well firstly ensure its insured, and that it is insured at the correct amount, especially an all risks policy, if a stone falls out and lost it could cost an awful lot to replace, in many cases because its underinsured the insurance wont cover a replacement.

Then have a close look at the setting. Claws are notorious for wearing out. Most solitaire diamond rings have eight claws, so a couple worn down is not a disaster, but modern rings often have four, lose one, thats 25% of the safety lost, one more, goodbye diamond.

You should get a jeweller to check the claws every two years at the very best. Then there is wear on the shank. If you are wearing two or three rings together then there is a high risk of excess wear. Rings rubbing together wear each other down, and serious damage can be done to both or all, especially the engagement ring. Carefully examine the rings, if there is wear, then ask your jeweller to rebuild, its pricey but worth it if the ring is precious to you, the longer you leave it, the more expensive it gets.

Also, its a good idea not to wear different carats of gold together, especially so with platinum, as its much harder and will wear away gold quicker, especially 18ct. Maybe a good idea if you must wear one ring is to only wear the others on nights out, or on holiday, but a definite no-no when doing housework.

The other thing we are asked is why some white gold rings go yellow. Most white gold items are rhodium plated to keep them ‘whiter’. This wears off, but for a small amount your jeweller can easily re-rhodium the ring and this done every few years will keep it looking as new.

Obviously the best way for loving your jewellery is to protect your rings and to not wear them when doing housework or gardening, or other heavy work. Some women worry that they may lose the ring when they take it off. Try then to get into a habit of placing it in one memorable place. A pin tray on the dressing table, or put in a ring box for ultimate safety, and put it where you know you will find it.
If you love your jewellery, give it some TLC!

May 31, 2018 — CG Hart