Why you should purchase antiques from dedicated antique retailers

Antiques of any kind hold sentimental value and Antique jewellery is no exception with many having a value attached to them due to their historical importance. Most of such items have been passed from past generations with most having been made of high-value materials.

It is a fulfilling hobby

Collecting or shopping for antique jewellery from antique retailers can be exploited and utilized as a hobby. Shopping for Antiques and having a keen interest in them will enable you to know what to find and wherein the event you want to purchase. Being a hobby also will enable you to have useful use of your time as you sample all that is in store and get to understand the history of various antique jewellery pieces and its associated items in various shops.

Antique jewellery can be used for decoration, Antiques form part of fashion that will look appealing due to their aesthetic beauty.

Collecting antiques will help you appreciate diversity and history. This is because they have been passed from previous generations and from diverse places across the world. Understanding the origin of various antiques will enable you to appreciate the cultural diversity of societies around the world and get to understand people better and their past way of life.

Antique jewellery styles

Antique jewellery is categorized according to their style periods. These categories include;

Victorian jewellery: These are jewels which were produced during the reign of Queen Victoria. Most of this jewellery was made of gold and gemstones. The  jewellery had coral and tortoise shell ivory which further enhanced their beauty.

Edwardian jewellery: These jewels were produced during the reign of King Edward the 7th. Edwardian jewellery was popular for their diamond and gemstones decoration which were incorporated in them. This further added their aesthetic appeal.

Art Deco jewellery: The Art Deco jewellery has its origin in France and were designed with geometric patterns and had bold colours. The art deco was common in the 1960s up to the 1970s.

Art Nouveau jewellery: This type of jewellery had curving lines and floral designs that included butterflies, dragons and botanical designs. The Art Nouveau was in use up to the start of the world war one.

Tips for buying items from antique retailers 

Before buying antiques, it is important to understand various aspects to ensure you are able to make a successful purchase. Some of the critical issues you need to consider include;

•    Consult the retailer to understand the antique jewellery better; antique retailers understand the antique markets better and therefore have the vital experience that is necessary to help you in choosing the right antiques that you need and all the history about them. This will help you understand the history of what you are buying and help you understand the value of such an item.

•    Discover the latest trends in the antique markets; it is important to understand the latest trends in the antique market. This will help you know about the prices, and new uses each antique.

•    Compare the prices in the market; comparing the prices will help you know the value of each item and therefore know the range of each antique as you head to buy from the antique stores.

•    Purchase multipurpose items; Buying multipurpose items will save you money since you can use a single antique in multiple ways.

Items you can buy from antique retailers

Some of the best items that you can find at antique stores include;

1.    Rings: Rings are usually worn on finger ring for ornamental purposes. They are usually made of metals like gold, silver or platinum and have an appealing look to make it attractive. Rings found in antique stores can be worn for symbolic meaning or to give an impression according to your own preference. Rings from antique retailers can be found in various sizes and styles.

2.    Bracelets: Bracelets have been in existence since the past generations and have been passed since then. They are found in various styles and which have their own characteristics according to their origin. it's therefore important to sample all the bracelets in the stores to ensure you get your preferred type of bracelet.

3.    Earrings: Earrings are one of the oldest forms of body decoration in early civilization. Ancient earrings were made of Gold, Silver, bronze and other high-value metals. Earrings are attached to the external part of the ear for beauty reasons. They are worn by both genders though are commonly worn by women in most societies. The decoration of earrings has been passed from past generations and their use is still going in the modern world. Earrings found in antique stores stretch from past civilizations and vary in sizes and make.

4.    Necklaces: Necklaces are worn around the neck as a piece of jewellery to serve religious and ceremonial purposes. Ancient necklaces were made of high-value metals such as gold and silver which enhanced their value. Necklaces are made of chain and a band that wraps around the neck. Other components that can be found in a necklace are cross and lockets.


Antique retailers have in store all ancient jewellery that helps us understand human history better and appreciate our diverse cultural diversity. Antique jewellery is found in various types and sizes as explained above. The jewellery holds much aesthetic value and history that stretches from the ancient days to the present generation.

Finding ancient items such as jewellery is made easy by antique retailers who bring the  jewellery closer to us. It is therefore important for you to carry out due diligence and extensive research to ensure you get your preferred jewellery from the best antique retailers and get value for your money.  Here at Vintage Tom we have been specializing in buying and selling fine Antique jewellery for many years and are experts in our field.

July 13, 2019 — CG Hart