6 Great tips to look after your jewellery

1. If you want to store silver and you don't want it to tarnish, wrap it in clingfilm, this stops the air getting to it.

2. Cleaning a ring. Warm water, toothbrush, washing up liquid. Ensure you do this in an old cup in case any stones come out!

3. The more you wear your cultured or real pearls the better they look. Warm skin improves the lustre! 

4. Pearls hate perfume. Always spray your neck BEFORE you put them on, they will love you for it!

5 Diamonds don't shine? Get an old toothbrush, leave the ring in jewellery cleaner fluid for say ten minutes to soften dirt, then brush!

6. Girls with pearls.To clean, just a soft cloth will do especially after wearing scent,never dip into cleaner fluids.


October 15, 2018 — CG Hart