Pantone have realised their colour for 2020, and its BLUE. A dream for jewellers, blue gems come in so many forms, obviously Sapphire, the birthstone for September, but blue topaz, natural blue zircon, aquamarine, blue turquoise, and blue diamonds. Then there is lapis lazuli, iolite, and just coloured glass. 

If we think about the colour blue, it is imprinted on our psyche. Blue sky, the blue of the sea, a deep blue of a starry night. It brings rest and lifts the human spirit. What is there not to love about the colour blue? 

But of course its the sapphire which is the most notable of the blue gemstones.  The sapphire is from the family of gemstones called corundum, its sister stone is the ruby. The basic elements are oxygen and aluminium, and the blue colour is created by the addition of iron and titanium atoms.

Actually, pure sapphire is colourless, but the common thought is that a sapphire is always blue. But in recent years the popularity of other colours of sapphire has grown, from pink, green, yellow and even purple. One of most valuable sapphires is called the padparadscha. Translated from Sanskrit it means, lotus coloured, a variety from pink red to orange red, and can be referred to as having the ‘aura of a sunset’.

Sapphires have long been thought of as a symbol of truth and nobility, and very often found in Royal Regalia, and of course the sapphire and diamond cluster given to Princess Diana as her engagement ring is now worn by Catherine, presented to her by Prince William.

Sapphire the birthstone for September and used as the anniversary stone for the 45th year, and is also used for the tenth anniversary. Its 9 on the Moh scale, so almost as hard as diamond, and if looked after it will last for many years.

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