If you have been married for 39 years, next year is a biggie for you!

40 years of marriage in this day and age should not be sniffed at. Its a fantastic achievement and celebration of love and devotion to one person. A ruby is the stone that celebrates this wonderful occasion. Ruby was chosen as it has the colour red, which represents passion and true love. The stone so much prized in India and the sub continent as it is the stone of these countries. Its mined there, and in many surrounding areas. It has mystical meaning, religious significance, and whomever receives a ruby is enhanced with good luck and health.

The victorians loved rubies, setting them with pearls or with old cut diamonds. Set in carved settings or in clusters. The bar brooch was popular then, but rubies still look their best on the finger. The early part of the 20th century saw the Art Deco period thrive with exceptional designs, and these are collectable very much in the 21st century.

The famous ‘Star of India’ known as the world’s largest and costliest ruby, which now adorns the Smithsonian Institute in Washington (USD), has a weight of 100 carats; whereas the Myanmar (Burma) Government has a crimson colored uncut ruby weighting 496.5 carats and which now forms part of the State’s treasure.

Have a look at our lovely range of ruby rings and other items. A ruby anniversary is a date that should be recognised by the lady in your life for the past forty years as your symbol of love and happiness.

August 31, 2018 — CG Hart