There are numerous styles of diamond rings to choose from, which can be extremely daunting when you’re trying to find the one that is right for you. Following are several different styles of diamond engagement rings available to help you decide the one that suits you perfectly. 

The Solitaire Design

A classic style that is the most popular choice with many people, for the simple reason that a Solitaire diamond engagement ring, with its minimal design, is extremely versatile and looks incredibly sophisticated on everyone. 

Solitaire diamond ring

The focus on this timeless design is its centre stone, which always stands out, and can be of any size. A solitaire diamond ring is the simplest design and the most affordable as well. However, the ring can be significantly more expensive, if the diamond is a large and valuable stone. 

The Solitaire With Accent Stones

This is the diamond ring for you if you want something with an extra bit of dazzle! There is no doubt that you will fall in love with a solitaire diamond ring with accent stones, that have that unique way of giving a classic solitaire ring that “wow” factor!

solitaire pave ring

Also referred to as the Pave design, the ring consists of several small diamonds lining the ring band on either side of the large centre stone. A beautiful effect is created by the accent stones highlighting the diamond in the centre, and it adds that extra sparkle to the ring. The solitaire diamond ring with accent stones is an extremely popular style for engagement rings. 

The Halo Style

A modern engagement ring design, the halo style is popular with many people as it gives the illusion that the centre stone is larger than it actually is. This illusion is achieved by using a centre diamond surrounded by smaller accent diamonds. When seen from afar, the ring appears to have a larger, dazzling stone. This design often uses a round-cut diamond but works equally well with a cushion-cut and princess oval. 

Halo Style Ring

The halo design is popular with many women since it is usually created with a white gold band and colourless diamonds and fits in well with all style preferences. 

The Tiffany Style

Way back in 1886, a specific solitaire, the 6-prong setting was scientifically created by Tiffany & Co., to maximise the brilliance of the diamond in its setting. The “Tiffany Setting,” as this plain band setting is now known, is distinguishable mainly by the design of its prongs and the “knife-edge” of its shaft. 

Tiffany Style Ring

Although it’s possible to buy an engagement ring with a similar setting from just about any website or jeweller, it will never be precisely the same since Tiffany & Co has trademarked their original Tiffany Style prong design. 

The Bezel Design

A diamond ring with the Bezel design is the second most popular choice of ring setting, due mainly to its modern look, and that it is perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle. Unlike other rings, the Bezel setting doesn’t hold the diamond with prongs but rather encircles the gem with a slender, customised metal edging that tightly secures the diamond in place. The stone is therefore held more firmly in place than it would be with prongs, making the Bezel setting one of the strongest in engagement ring designs. 

Bezel Style ring

Bezel settings can be full or partial, with a full bezel surrounding the diamond entirely, and a partial bezel leaving the sides of the diamond exposed. The Bezel design is ideal for teachers, nurses, and others who prefer a ring that will not snag on anything and protect the diamond adequately. 

The 2 Stone Ring Design

One diamond ring style that is extremely popular, is the two-stone design, which is both incredibly beautiful and elegant. To some couples, the two diamonds represent the two individuals coming together as one in marriage, and for others, the two gems are symbols of their friendship and love for each

2 Stone Diamond Ring

Although two-stone rings are normally made with round diamonds, some couples also have the option of choosing pear-shaped, square, or even oval-shaped stones. In addition to this, two-stone diamond rings can be made in a wide variety of designs, including trilogy, vintage, and many more, to suit all tastes and lifestyles.

The Three-Stone Design

The classic three-stone design is the diamond ring that has stood the test of time. Although the way it looks can be changed with various shapes and settings, and use stones other than diamonds, it is the ring with the uncomplicated design of a centre diamond with two smaller gems on either side that makes it such a classic and timeless jewellery item.

3 Stone Diamond ring

The three-stone ring is ideal for someone with an old soul, a woman who enjoys the feel and look of vintage and timeless jewellery. In addition to this, the three-stone design is a particularly stunning design that makes every hand look beautiful. If the love of your life prefers a ring that is bigger and has a thicker band, then the three-stone style is ideal for her!

The Four-Stone Diamond Ring

Four-stone rings are the contemporary version of those traditional multi-diamond rings and are the ideal gift for all sorts of occasions, including anniversaries and birthdays. All four-stone rings can be customised on metal and diamond shapes. 

4 stone diamond ring

These rings are a combination of clean, modern lines, and the vintage style of a multi-stone design. The resulting ring is an elegant, timeless piece of jewellery that can be personalised according to your unique preferences. 

The Five-Stone Design

Five-stone rings are extremely popular with people who enjoy owning a statement piece of jewellery that gains plenty of admiration and attention. These rings normally display diamonds across the band of the ring, in a graduated style, with smaller gems on the outside and larger stones going toward the middle of the group.
5 stone diamond ringFive-stone rings, as expected, are most times incredibly impressive, but also have several symbolic meanings, one of these being that each stone represents a major stage of a romantic partnership.

Other meanings to the design include courtship, friendship, dating, marriage, as well as children, the somewhat traditional patterns of a romantic relationship. 

A five-stone ring is the perfect gift to give a loved one at any time of the relationship and can be symbols of past and future achievements of the couple. 

A fifth wedding anniversary is also an appropriate time to give a gift of a five-stone ring, which can be seen to be representative of five years together in the relationship. 

Since diamonds are the traditional stones for engagement rings, it makes perfect sense that a ring with a five-stone design is used to demonstrate the love that has flourished and grown stronger for five years.  The rings featured can be found here in our diamond ring collection

September 15, 2021 — CG Hart