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Ring Sizing

You will note that our website often adds that we can alter a ring to fit your finger. This is though a mystery to many people. This blog will help you to understand what ring sizing actually means.

When our goldsmith sizes a ring, he will firstly assess whether it can actually be achieved without damaging the ring, the head or indeed loosen stones. He will not attempt if there are risks. Usually a ring that needs to go up or down around four to five sizes is not a problem. Nearly every ring has actually been joined at the shank when it was first made. When the shank is heated a small black line shows as where the solder was applied and this is where the goldsmith will cut to either add gold or remove. Gold must always be the same carat to achieve the correct adhesion. When the gold is added or removed then a high heat is applied and the solder runs allowing the sizing to be completed. The head of the ring is often submerged in sand to stop any heat reaching the stones and discolouring them.

The shank is then highly polished and the solder and new gold morphes into an invisible finish. A cautionery tale here. We polished a wedding ring for a customer and when she came to collect she said, “this is not my ring, you have swopped it!”  When a ring is sized, it is polished, and looks like new. She demanded her original ring and would not listen to our insistance that this was her ring, she said it looks too new. We then said, did you get married on June 12th 1963? She replied, yes, how did we know? Its engraved on the inside of your ring madam!

Some people think we stretch a ring. This really is not possible with any ring other than a wedding ring, or a ring without stones. Even then, we would only suggest stretching a wedding ring a few sizes. We are often asked if we can size a ring above say five sizes. This can be achieved by our highly skilled goldsmith if he thinks it advisable. If he does, it can slightly alter the head alignment, but in many cases it does not affect it. Like all these things, experts know what is best.

Our suggestion is always allow a jeweller with a competent goldsmith to undertake a re-sizing. Also, this is not a cheap job, if you are quoted a low price, beware, this could e a big mistake if its a ring that means a lot to you.

May 31, 2018 — CG Hart