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Surely a replica Rolex or Breitling is okay to buy? I mean they’re advertised all over the internet so it’s not like they’re illegal or anything. Plus, a replica is a nod to the brand itself rather than an outright fake, more like a tribute isn’t it?

The truth is that they are illegal copies and if we were to buy one we’d be breaking the law. However, unlike in France or Italy, while we are technically aiding and abetting if we buy a fake in the UK purchasers are never prosecuted. The counterfeit market is now worth over 9 billion pounds in the UK alone and it’s increasing every year with over 34% of people openly admitting to have bought a fake at some stage.

It’s not about the cost of the fake watch though, it’s about where it comes from and actually owning a genuine luxury product. You could easily go onto the internet and find a counterfeit Rolex for £300. bargain? Not really; it’s a fake that will have cost little more than a tenner to make and probably been put together in a Chinese sweatshop by children working in awful conditions. Where’s the joy or pride in wearing something like that?

So, how can you tell when a luxury watch is genuine or not? There are a number of specific things you’ll find on a genuine Rolex for example. The hands are full size. In the two Daytona images above, you can see the hands on the fake watch to the left aren’t full size. In addition, the letters and writing isn’t sharp and has fuzzy edges.

The only definite way of ensuring your watch is genuine is to buy it through a reputable company with experience in the brand and one that you trust. If you’re in need of some expert advice, give us a call.

We can source most Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Brietling etc. We supply with a box, a guarantee for two years, and a promise that the watch is GENUINE! You purchase at your peril if you do not buy from a reputable source, cheap is dear in the end

May 31, 2018 — CG Hart