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What is an emerald?

Most are mined in Columbia and Brazil, with less good stones from Russia and many other countries.  The quality of an emerald is found in its colour and its clarity. To get a deep green stone with perfect clarity is difficult and very expensive.

Indeed a stone with no inclusions one should be maybe a little wary of as many are ‘oiled’. This practice is the filling of the flaws or fissures with an oil, possibly green coloured to allow the stone to seem flawless. In nature, the emerald when in its natural state is more beautiful if it does have some inclusions. These were formed millions of years ago, the natural gem from the family beryl is a beauty to behold, so if there are a few inclusions, then you will pay less for the stone but be surer its the genuine article.

The Emerald is the birthstone for May. There are many imitations, glass or paste, doublets, that’s two pale emeralds glued together, and we have even heard of a person buying a supposed emerald in Nigeria which was cut from traffic light glass!

We have a great selection of emeralds that always look that more special when set with diamonds. Have a look at our website and see this beautiful gem when its set into gold. We have just taken in a most beautiful ring with a 2.5 carat emerald surrounded by diamonds so get in touch for more information.

May 31, 2018 — CG Hart