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As jewellers for many decades we are often asked the best way for looking after and loving your jewellery.
If you are wearing a ring every day you need to take a bit more care. People it seem treat a ring as if it were made of some indestructible metal! Day in day out, year in year out, a ring is often worn to the point of collapse, and often this is a ring that means more to the average woman than any other possession.

This ring, often with a large precious stone or a collection of such is worn through washing and ironing, dusting and polishing, gardening, car washing, furniture moving, etc etc, you name it and often that ring will have been put through hell. Imagine wearing the same pair of shoes for years and years, yet the engagement ring in particular is given the same hard treatment.

Ok, I know as a jeweller that women will not want to take the ring they cherish off their finger, in some cases, they could not remove it even if they wanted to, the finger has got bigger but the ring stays the same size, oh dear, thats a cutting off job in an extreme case, or the worst case scenario is that only A&E can actually cut it off using a special cutting tool. If a ring is getting so tight that only soap aids removal, its time for it to be resized, so a trip to the jeweller is better than one to the hospital.

To be continued…..see our next blog!

May 31, 2018 — CG Hart