Meeting that special someone you would like to spend all your days with is always a moment to cherish as long as you live. What better way to proclaim your love than to make a lifetime commitment? The kind of engagement ring you choose for your bride should show her how special she is to you.

Buying an antique engagement ring is a unique way to show the love of your life how valuable she is to you. Antique rings that are at least a century old is something that will only be seen on your partner’s finger. Being one of the most valuable and expensive purchases you will ever make, it’s critical that you research properly on how to shop for this one of a kind ring. In this article we will discuss ten tips to make this purchase a success.

  1. Decide on Your Budget

Every successful purchase must start with well planned budget. As much as an engagement ring is one of the most valuable purchases you’ll make, it’s a wise move to decide on how much you want to spend according to your finances.

You can be easily enticed by a gorgeous ring; therefore, find yourself spending a lot more than you thought. If an antique ring’s price is far beyond your reach, share with the dealer that they may get you a more practical one.

However, be a bit flexible if the ring you choose is slightly above your budget range since this is a special purchase.

  1. Be Conscious of the Worth

The price range of an antique ring is influenced by several factors. It’s important that you are conversant with these qualities so that you may understand the value of an antique ring. They include:

  • The 4Cs – When purchasing an antique ring you should first consider the Color, Cut, Clarity and the Carat Weight of the diamond. The 4Cs is the international standard for the evaluation and comparison of the quality of diamonds. They can be briefly explained as:
  1. a) The ability of a diamond to reflect light is influenced by the quality of the cut
  2. b) The D-Z diamond color grading is what is used to differentiate the lack of color in diamonds. The lesser the color of a diamond the more unique it is.
  3. c) The higher the carat weight of a diamond the larger it will be.
  4. d) A diamond’s clarity is determined by the lack of blemishes and inclusions.

the 4 c's

Being familiar with 4Cs will help you decide the most crucial aspect you would value in a diamond. Having this knowledge will help you narrow down your list to suit what your loved one would prefer.

History and Origin

  • The state of the antique ring at the time of the purchase influences the price tag as well. Having existed for ages, antique rings usually need restoration due to dull and scratched bands or even lost stones. If the restoration is poorly done, the value of the ring deteriorates. For an antique ring to retain its value, it must have all the original components and be perfectly restored by a professional.
  • Uniqueness - an antique ring that is three centuries old is far more valuable than one that is a century old making it more expensive. This factor also applies to rings designed by renowned jeweler which are usually rare and more appealing to the eye.
  • Origin – Antique rings with proof of history have great value. This can be in a photo showing the ring worn by the first owner or the earliest jeweler’s receipt.
  • Symbolic of its Age – Antique rings that are symbolic of the time when they were designed are usually of very high value. They possess specific aspects that are unique of their era of creation. This factor plays big role in determining their price.

  1. Choose the Style and Period

Understanding the most popular styles of different ages will help widen your selection before making a purchase. Every era had precise characteristics manifested in the features as well as the artisanship of the antique ring. These styles include:

  • Georgian Era (1714 – 1837) – This era was characterized by handmade jewellery. All antique rings were unique. The designs were inspired by nature frequently made of birds, flowers and leaf shapes. Most of antique rings in this period were made of diamonds.
  • Victorian Era (1837 – 1901) – The Victorian era antique jewellery was characterized by pearls and solitaire diamonds. They were popular for faceted diamonds and rose gold color.
  • Edwardian Era ( 1901 – 1910) –Antique rings in this age depicted excellent craftsmanship with elegant designs. They were characterized by geometric stones inspired by Arts and Crafts movement. They often featured rose cut diamonds and sapphires. They were also made of platinum.

  1. Purchase From Creditable Jewellers

It’s in your right as a customer to request for the right paperwork. All precious gemstones have a gemological report which will enable you ascertain their authenticity. If there are no certificates it’s prudent to seek the advice of an expert you can trust to get an honest evaluation. You should also find out the kind of repairs your jeweler can handle.

  1. Select the Color

Most people only consider diamonds when choosing engagement rings . However, when it comes to antique jewellery, a variety of precious stones were used, diamonds being one of them. Sapphires, rubies and emeralds create a gorgeous combination when crafted with diamonds. These precious stones with brilliant colors can be the dominant stone compliment by diamonds. Being flexible with your choices will land you a beauty that your partner will cherish for the rest of your life.

  1. Make a Personal Choice

It’s wise to make sure that the antique ring you choose for your partner is what she would want to wear. Do not let your selection be influenced by monetary value. For starters if your partner has other rings, consider the type of antique ring that might complement them.

  1. Decide on the Band

Platinum is a good choice as it fits well with diamonds. It’s also long lasting thus the perfect band for an antique engagement ring.

  1. Consider the Size

The crafting of the antique ring may influence the possibility of resizing it. It’s cautious to inquire from the jeweler whether resizing is possible or not as this may affect the firmness of the stones on the ring.

  1. Avoid Cheap Buys

It’s advisable to buy the best quality antique ring you are capable of buying to get the best value. Most antique engagement rings are a bit costly however they retain their value for a long time. Be wary of cheap rings as they could be fake.

  1. Be Patient

Take your time and explore the various antique rings unless you are searching for a specific one. The choices get better with more exposure.