If desire to be part of the history of a unique piece of jewellery, buying second-hand pieces is a great idea. It’s also a good choice of getting good quality jewellery at a lower cost .

The rate of a jewellery piece depreciates when owned making it a cheaper than a new one. Whereas the price might be the major factor for choosing second-hand jewellery, there are numerous other benefits. In this article we will discuss what buying second-hand jewellery entails.

Benefits of Second-hand Jewellery

  • Great value for money. Most second-hand jewellery sold are relatively new. Different sellers have various reasons for selling them. Once the jewellery has been owned the price will dramatically drop. Therefore, you’ll get better value for a pre-owned piece of jewellery as opposed to a new one with the same price.
  • It’s an eco-friendly act. Purchasing a pre-owned piece of jewellery will mean less demand for new jewellery therefore, reduced mining. Mining has a significant impact on the environment. Purchasing second-hand jewellery prompts reduction of mining activities. It’s certainly a sustainable choice.

  • You can easily find vintage pieces. Most pre-owned pieces have a historical background. Some may even be several centuries old. You might find antique pieces from the famous Victorian , Edwardian or Georgian eras if you are lucky. Such pieces are one of a kind and can be of great value if brought back to fashion.
  • Pre-owned pieces are unique. Most pre-owned jewellery are antique. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to get someone else with the a replica of the piece you buy. Jewellery in ancient days were created in small batches and unique styles that can hardly be accessed today.
  • Durable materials. Most pre-owned jewellery have been present for a long time. This simply means they are made up of high quality and long lasting materials. Most antique jewellery were crafted from naturally occurring materials rather than new ones which are made up of mostly man made materials.

Considering these advantages of second-hand pieces among others, it’s evident that anyone with a passion for antique jewellery should certainly go for pre-owned jewellery. In addition, pre-owned pieces have a rich historical background which is a captivating aspect.

As much as buying pre-owned jewellery is the best option, it’s also wise to be cautious of their authenticity.

Features of Authentic Second-hand Jewellery

  • Examine the hallmark. The first thing you should do when purchasing a pre-owned piece of jewellery is to confirm the hallmark. The piece should have a stamp that shows the metal carat usually denoted as: 14ct(585), in respect to the carats. Silver jewellery also bear a hallmark.
  • Certificate of authenticity. It's a requirement that a piece of jewellery bears a certificate of authenticity from IGI,GIA or WGI. It's important to note that not it isn't always available but it's a good show of competence.
  • Magnet test. Doing the magnet test is also a valid way of confirming the authenticity of a second-hand jewellery piece. This test involves examining whether a magnet can attract the piece. A magnet has no effect on genuine gold.
  • Confirm the documentation. There must be a document to back-up the second-hand jewellery. However, documents can be forged. It’s wise on this regard to make sure the documents are authentic, original and free of any errors. Faults like blurry printing, printing errors as well as poor grammar and spelling are a red flag. This simply means the documents should be checked with an eagle eye.
  • Check for brand marks . Before purchasing a pre-owned piece you should look out for the brand. Jewellery products bear the stamp of the company’s hallmark. It’s prudent to examine the hallmark of the brand before buying a second-hand piece.
  • Buy from reputable jewellery stores. The store you choose to buy from is very significant. Consider purchasing second-hand jewellery from well known stores that offer these specific services. Reputable stores that have been selling pre-owned pieces for a long time will have more options to your taste.

Are Pre-owned Diamond Rings a Good Investment?

Diamonds are precious stones that attract almost everyone due to their eye catching beauty. Diamond rings are a treasure that would last a lifetime to anyone owning them. These facts make diamond rings a great investment. Pre-owned diamond rings just like many second-hand commodities are cheaper than new ones. Below are advantages of investing in pre-owned diamond rings:

  1. Diamonds can be Reprocessed

It’s a fact that someone selling a pre-owned diamond ring can not reclaim the purchase cost of the ring. However, pre-owned diamond rings can be recycled to appear as they did when they were brand new. The high purchase price of any jewellery is usually tied to the branding. This is why a second-hand piece would be cheaper than a new one. Purchasing second-hand diamond rings will help preserve the craftsmanship. It will also prevent recirculation of raw materials back to production to be sold as new.

  1. New Diamond Rings Drop in Price

New diamond rings , as does any commodity, depreciate once they are off the counter. Once they are out of the shop their price decreases significantly. This means when you buy a pre-owned diamond ring, it can still be new but the price tag will be low in comparison to a new one.

  1. Pre-owned Diamond Rings Increase in Worth

Second-hand diamond rings maintain their worth as they are now valued on their inherent characteristics. The best thing about diamond rings is that the cost increases over time irrespective of the state of economy. A second-hand diamond ring purchased today, can double or even triple the buying price a decade later.

  1. Pre-owned Diamond Rings are Easily Transferable

Selling a second-hand diamond ring and reclaiming the price you bought them for is somewhat easy. This is due to the fact that a buyer can not know the number of times a pre-owned ring has been resold. This means you can buy and resell second-hand diamond rings as much as you want keeping your collection updated regularly.

5.High Demand for Second-hand Jewellery

With famous brands hiking their prices annually due to different economic and social factors, many people have resorted to second-hand jewellery. For this reason, there is an increased demand for second-hand diamond rings in the market today.

Are Second-hand Diamond Earrings a Good Investment?

Second-hand diamond rings just like most diamond jewellery are a great investment. It goes without saying that the value of diamonds appreciate as time goes by. For this reason and many other extrinsic factors, new diamond earrings are very expensive. This is why most people prefer second-hand diamond earrings because you get the same item with a significantly cheaper price than a new one.

Earrings being part of people’s daily attire, are in high demand making them a good investment. The size of diamond earrings is relatively small. Therefore , a collection of diamond earrings will take up a small space. This means you can have a collection worth a lot in a very small storage space. Second-hand diamond earrings are also durable. With good care, they will always be in good condition to be resold.

Second-hand Gold and Silver Chains

When it comes to pre-owned gold and silver chains, it’s important that you are well conversant with the properties before making a purchase. The question that should linger on your mind is whether the chain is plated or solid . Solid chains are more durable thus have a higher demand.

The cost of the chain also matters for example; hollow chains are much lighter and cheaper. Hollow chains break easily and can hardly be repaired. Less pure gold and silver chains are more durable due to the abundance of alloys. Before buying a second-hand gold or silver chain, be sure to check this aspects for a good quality commodity.

Second-hand Vintage Engagement Rings

Second-hand vintage engagement rings are great buy as compared to new rings. This is due the fact that several benefits come with second-hand vintage rings. These rings are mostly crafted in unique style that will not be seen on any other rings. Most of them have a captivating history that you can be part of by owning one. These rings are usually centuries old thus you are assured of their durability. The rings especially the ones made with diamonds and other precious stones, appreciate as time goes by.

The Best Kind of Second-hand Jewellery to Buy.

If you are buying pre-owned jewellery it means they have already been used by the previous owner. Therefore, the first aspect you should be keen on is the materials that make up the jewellery. This is why diamond jewellery are the best kind of second-hand jewellery to purchase. Diamonds are durable and dramatically increase in value through time. Diamonds can also be recycled to look exactly the same way they did when new.

Buying Second-hand Jewellery Online in the UK

If you are looking to buy pre-owned jewellery online in the UK, there are many platforms to explore. They range from online stores to timed auctions. Contrary to the fear of the masses, buying second-hand jewellery online is safer and advantageous than physical stores. However, it’s advisable to purchase from a reputable vendor. 

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September 07, 2020 — CG Hart