There are three beautiful stones associated with the month of August, namely the peridot, the spinel, and the sardonyx, with the vibrant green peridot being the primary August birthstone.

An 18 carat gold peridot and amethyst dress ring

Where Does Peridot Come From?

Peridot, pronounced Pear-a-dot or Pear-a-doe, is an ancient, cosmic birthstone that has come to earth inside flaming meteorites as they plummet to the earth, or is in the deepest parts of the earth, and brought to the surface through volcanic eruptions. Peridot deposits from meteorites are extremely rare and are generally too small to be used in jewellery. 

What Is The Colour of Peridot?

This August birthstone is unique, in that it comes in no other colour but green, and most times is a light green shade. The intensity of the colour of a Peridot stone depends on how much iron is contained in the stone, so the more iron in a stone, the deeper the shade of green it will be. The shade of green also influences the price of the stone, with the darker shades normally being more expensive. 

An Edwardian pearl and peridot pendant

The Peridot is sometimes referred to as the “Evening Emerald.” The reason for this is because its sparkling colour stays the same, whether it is worn at night or during the day, and even under artificial lighting. 

Peridot And Culture

Peridots are closely connected to the Hawaiian culture, where people believe the stone to be the tears of Pele, the volcano goddess. 

 Peridots were also found on a small island off the coast of Egypt, between 23 to 79 AD, which resulted in the island becoming a closely guarded secret to the ancient Egyptians, who believed the island to be the source of priceless treasures. Peridots were extremely popular with the Pharaohs, and today is still the national gemstone of Egypt. Many experts believe that some of those famous emeralds worn by Cleopatra, were in fact, Peridots.  

What Does Peridot Symbolise?

With its bright green colour of nature, the Peridot is associated with restful sleep, good health, peacefulness, and harmony. It is also known as a stone of compassion, so wearing a Peridot, gives renewal to all things, thereby calming feelings of anger. 

Wearing jewellery where the Peridot is set in gold, is thought to give protection against nightmares. The August gemstone is also believed to get rid of thoughts of envy that could strain and cause damage to relationships. Peridot is also thought by many to relieve feelings of depression.

Facts And Folklore Surrounding The August Birthstone

The biggest Peridot ever discovered, weighs an enormous 319 carats, and is on display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, USA. 

The Largest Peridot in the World

Peridot is the favourite of several members of the British Royal family. Princess Kate, or the Duchess of Cambridge, wears a pair of diamond, blue topaz, and peridot earrings and King Edward VII declared the Peridot to be his preferred gemstone. There is plenty of vintage jewellery from the Victorian and Edwardian eras with Peridot gemstones in their settings. 

A meteorite landed in Siberia during the 1700s. Many Peridot crystals were found inside it, that were big enough to be used in jewellery settings. 

Is Peridot Considered To Be A Lucky Stone?

Due to its colour and energetic properties, many people believe that the stone opens the heart and attracts family harmony, good luck, and abundance. The August birthstone brings the gentle energies of compassion and kindness in a pleasant, happy kind of way. 

Because of these energies, Peridots are also extremely beneficial to those looking for wealth and money. The stone brings prosperity and abundance to life and helps the wearer to stay focussed on their goals all the time until they reach success. 

Can Peridot Jewellery Be Worn Every Day?

Peridots are incredibly durable, so it is quite safe to wear earrings and pendants every day. However, for jewellery like rings, that can be damaged through water exposure and being knocked against things, it is best to be more cautious and careful about when and where you wear them. 

How To Tell Whether A Peridot Is Real 

You would be hard-pressed to find a perfect Peridot anywhere on the planet, for the simple reason that its molecular structure almost guarantees that each stone will have cracks and/or inclusions. So, when you’re buying Peridot jewellery, you can rest assured that if it looks perfect, then you’re more than likely being shown a glass imitation. On the other hand, if the stone has small chips and yellow or brown inclusions, then you are probably looking at an authentic August birthstone. 

In Conclusion

if you have a loved one born in August, then you can’t go wrong by giving them a gift of jewellery that includes their birthstone, the stunning Peridot! Not only will you be honouring the mythological heritage of the stone, but you will also be giving a gift that will provide your loved one with all the above-mentioned benefits as well. 

August 01, 2021 — CG Hart