Choosing the ideal ring can put plenty of pressure on some couples. Although there are several aspects to consider, it’s the type of metal used, that is one of the most important when trying to find the ring that’s best suited to you and your lifestyle.

According to the experts, there is a metal to suit everyone, their lifestyles, as well as their budgets.So why do people buy a ring made from silver, white gold, or platinum over a more traditional pure yellow gold ring?

Following are some interesting facts about each of these metals, which will probably help you to make the right choice when you are shopping for your ring.   

What Is Silver? 

Silver is a lustrous, classic metal that has been a favourite of many over the years. It is a fairly soft metal, and extremely malleable. In addition, silver is also easily damaged, so to solve this problem it is often used with other metals to produce jewellery pieces that are more durable. Everyone loves strong jewellery that will last for many years to come!   

Although your silver rings are susceptible to general wear and tear, there are several ways to reduce this issue. For instance, if you store your silver jewellery pieces separately, and apart from your other jewellery, there is less risk of it being damaged. Apart from being scratched by your other jewellery items, your silver jewellery can also become discoloured if it comes into contact with the other metals and stones.   

vintage silver locket ring

Where Does Silver Come From? 

Although silver is found all over the world, Mexico is the largest silver producing country on earth, with Poland being home to another three of the biggest silver mines in the world. Bolivia, Peru, and Turkey are other significant silver-producing countries.   

Fascinating Facts About Silver  

Silver is thought to help with circulation and internal heat regulation, and there are people too, who state that wearing silver helps to improve their mood and energy levels! According to those in the know, silver has natural properties capable of offsetting outside electrical interference, improve the body’s circulation and general body temperature balance, and also helps to maintain healthy immunity levels.   

What Is White Gold? 

White gold is one of the most popular metal choices with many people and their jewellery. It is made up of pure gold that has been mixed with alloy metals that are silvery-white in colour, such as palladium and silver. As with silver, pure gold is reasonably soft and must be mixed with other tougher metals, to make it stronger and more durable.   

white gold three stone diamond ring

Just like silver, white gold also needs to be cared for properly, to make it last and stay in good condition. If you have white gold jewellery, store it separately and away from your other jewellery items to prevent it from being scratched or discoloured by coming into contact with other metals and stones. Don’t let your white gold rings be exposed to harsh chemicals, and remove them too, if you are going to shower or work with your hands in water.   

Fun Facts About White Gold  

White gold is one of the top metal choices when it comes to jewellery, especially engagement rings. It is a beautiful, subtle shade of gold, and not exceptionally bright like yellow gold.   

 If like some people, you are under the impression that white gold is fake, then all you need to do to verify that your white gold ring is indeed pure gold, is to look at the hallmark stamped on the inside!  

What Is Platinum?  

The perfect way to describe platinum is to say that it is strong, sleek, and will probably last forever! It is a heavy, precious metal that is naturally white and shiny. One of the best features of this metal, is that it never fades, which makes it perfect for use in rings. In addition to this, platinum is also a rare metal, about 30 times rarer than gold, in fact!   

One of the main benefits of wearing rings made from platinum is that the metal is hypoallergenic and perfect for those with a sensitive skin   

platinum diamond halo cluster ring

Fun Fact About Platinum 

The name “platinum” is derived from the Spanish word “Platina,” which in English, means “little silver,” a rather apt name for a stunning, popular metal for jewellery!   

Where Is Platinum Found?  

Platinum has been mined for hundreds of years, with the highest concentrations being found in Canada, Russia, and South Africa. Apart from those regions in the world however, platinum deposits have also been discovered in meteorites and on the surface of the moon!   


The cost of these three metals varies from one to the other for various reasons, but it all depends on the size of your budget, which is the best choice for you. 

  • Silver – the price of a silver ring depends a lot on the labour involved in making the piece, as well as the intricacy of the design. In short, the more labour involved with making the ring, the more expensive it will be.   
  • White Gold – the cost of a ring made from white gold, depends on how much pure gold is used in its manufacture – the larger the amount of pure gold used to make the ring, the higher the price. White gold is normally reasonably priced, which makes it a popular choice for jewellery.  
  • Platinum – Platinum is the industry’s best quality option for precious, “silver coloured” alloys, and it is also the priciest of all three metals. It is the strongest, lowest maintenance, and best value of all silver-toned precious alloys, and the higher the percentage of platinum used, the more it costs. Jewellery items made from platinum are of exceptional quality and long-lasting, so you can rest assured, that if your budget allows, the money you invest in a platinum ring will be money very well spent!   

In Conclusion 

A platinum ring is the best option for those who can afford it and are looking for a piece that will last for many, many years. Rings made from silver or white gold are ideal for those who want something more affordable and are willing and happy to care for and store their rings properly to make sure that it lasts for as long as possible!   

However, there is little doubt that whatever metal you choose for your ring, you will cherish it forever.

January 10, 2022 — CG Hart