Couples who choose a vintage or antique cluster ring for the special Valentines day proposal are opting for a truly unique but timeless piece of jewellery to symbolise their undying love for each other.

A Cluster Ring For Valentines

Traditional cluster rings were shaped like flowers and featured a large central gemstone or diamond, surrounded by smaller diamonds, to create a halo. Over time, however, cluster rings became more familiar to jewellers, who started becoming more creative in their designs, by using various shapes that included ovals, with different central gemstones that included rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls.

fine antique sapphire and diamond daisy cluster ring

When Did Cluster Rings Originate?

Cluster engagement rings first emerged during the Georgian era, and they continued to be extremely popular all through the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco eras as well, with the style reappearing in the 1970s. No matter what gemstone is used in a cluster engagement ring, it will make the ring appear larger when worn on the finger and will delight the bride to be.

Cluster rings symbolise the following:

Flower – as mentioned earlier, cluster rings are shaped like flowers with a large gemstone or diamond in the centre, surrounded by smaller diamonds, to create a halo-like appearance, and symbolises perfection and a divine appearance.

Era – a cluster engagement ring can be a perfectly trendy choice of engagement ring for a couple. They can decide on which era their ring should come from, such as the Victorian era, which concentrated more on yellow gold and roses, while the Art Deco saw a revival of platinum being used in jewellery. The diamond cluster became incredibly popular during the 1960s and 1970s and is equally as popular these days. All precious metals demonstrate their own characteristics when used with the warmth of rose and yellow gold, or the sparkling sheen of platinum.

Commitment – the cluster ring that you and your partner have chosen can represent the lifetime commitment you have made to each other. Your birthstone can be used in the centre of the cluster, which will give a definite connection to its beautiful symbolism and history.

Celebrity – if you’re a lover of the glamour and glitz of Hollywood, then you can rest assured that your stunning cluster ring is also the favourite of many Hollywood celebs! For instance, top names like Natalie Portman, Penelope Cruz, Katherine Heigl, and Amy Adams are just a few of those who flaunt their cluster rings as they float down the red carpet!

Cluster Rings Have Versatility And Illusion

Although the settings of cluster rings are timeless, they are incredibly versatile, because you can merge various shapes and colours into their design. This gives you the opportunity to display your own personal style, while at the same time, wearing a ring on your finger that appears larger than it is!
How Popular Are Cluster Rings These Days?

According to a recent survey conducted by, about 5% of the population wears a cluster or other style of engagement ring, with the most popular styles being the solitaire, followed by other settings like halo, three-stone, channel, and bezel.

sapphire and diamond cluster

How To Choose A Cluster Ring

A diamond cluster ring, while practical, can also be an incredible choice. Many cluster rings are from different eras in history and feature a variety of shapes that include marquis cut, pear cut, or rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. You might want a ring that resembles a halo or would prefer the “big” look of the cluster ring, but whichever style you are looking for, you can rest assured that you will find the one that suits you perfectly!

Following is a list of cluster rings from different eras with a description of their appearance:

Georgian (1714 to 1837) - cluster rings from this era frequently resembled roses with a round-shaped centrepiece, and blackened metal to enhance the distinct colours of the gemstones. Metalwork was prominent, and relatively scanty numbers of gemstones, which made the designs of cluster rings from this era, relatively simple, compared to the cluster rings of today.

Victorian (1837 to 1901) - being the era of growth and development, the Victorian era, together with the Industrial Revolution, saw the emergence of many new inventions, like the various engines and electricity, which changed the world completely. It was during this time too, that jewellery making procedures were greatly improved, such as the metalwork of cluster rings becoming daintier and more fragile, and gemstones being set much closer together than they were in previous years. Whilst adhering to the general halo shape, cluster rings from the Victorian era are believed to be typical styles from which cluster rings of the following eras evolved.

Edwardian (1901 to 1910) - this was a very brief period in the design history of jewellery, with Edwardian cluster rings being even more ethereal than those from previous eras. It was Queen Victoria’s love of flowers that had an enormous influence on the jewellery from this era. There was a surge in jewellery with floral motifs, especially the Edwardian daisy ring, now being referred to as a classic design! Jewellers of this era, for the first time, experimented widely with platinum, and because of its durability and strength compared to gold, allowed them to design jewellery that was more intricate, like Millegrain, those rows of tiny platinum beads that are frequently seen in Edwardian cluster rings, to give them that extra sparkle!

Art Deco (1913 to 1930) - this era symbolised evolution, cutting ties with wartime and speeding into the future. Organic naturalism was replaced by geometric shapes, and fearless boldness taking over from the graceful lines of the past. Cluster rings quickly embraced half-halos, asymmetric patterns, and angular gemstones. Clean lines became fashionable, with gemstones being set as close as possible to each other, leaving little space in between.

art deco cluster ring

Cluster Rings Of Today

Modern cluster rings can be created in unlimited forms, with some of them being inspired by past designs, and other times, taking on a totally new look. The one modern cluster ring that is extremely popular, is the one that combines white diamonds and coloured gemstones, the perfect example of which is the spectacular engagement ring worn by Princess Diana. This famous engagement ring, which is made up of an oval blue sapphire, surrounded by a circle of sparkling diamonds, is now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge.
Princess Diana Ring

So whether it is a spectacular sapphire and diamond cluster ring in the style that was adorned by Princess Diana or a stunning Art Deco diamond cluster platinum ring, buying Antique this Valentines day will surpass all the bride to be expectations. You can view our fine collection of magnificent cluster engagement rings here at Vintage Tom. Free ring sizing and free postage on all items.

January 18, 2022 — CG Hart