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Whats Going To Be The Vintage Jewellery Trend For 2017?

2018-19 will be years when retro and vintage jewellery will be even more ‘En Vogue’. It is going to be about style and classic forms. Large marquise cluster rings set with any colour or combination of colour, with sapphires and rubies coming to the fore.

Diamonds will still be as fashionable as ever with yellow metal continuing to make a comeback but both white gold and platinum will still be popular.

With a new Downton style series starting on ITV, called the Halcyon will this set a revival in mid 20th century styles of jewellery as the story is set in a glamorous 5* hotel and obviously there will be some sumptuous jewellery on display. So glamour could make a big revival if the cast wear period jewellery, so watch that space.

This could also spark more interest in smaller cocktail style watches, those set with diamonds around the bezel, or set into platinum bracelets. Big faced watches have been very ‘in’ for a number of years now, so its time for the small faced watches to make a comeback. Big watches will still be used for day wear, but evening dresses with a beautiful cocktail timepiece adds a glamorous touch.

Three stone simple illusion set rings from the 30s and 40s are always popular, usually these have a platinum head, and diamonds are set into a diamond cut mount which gives the ‘illusion’ of larger diamonds than they really are, and often with platinum tipped shoulders.