Jewellery is the one thing that you can wear to change your look in an instant. It’s the one accessory, whether classic or contemporary, that has the distinct ability to give you that pure individuality that you’re looking for, which is why vintage jewellery is considered to be the most valuable treasure of days gone by.

What Is Vintage Jewellery?

To most people, “vintage” jewellery is pieces that are 50 to 100 years old. There are certain eras with distinct jewellery styles that are referred to as “vintage” even if the pieces manufactured during that time are not yet 50 years old.

Vintage Fashion Trends For Spring And Summer 2022

With a fresh, new year of possibilities, several past jewellery trends are expected to make a comeback in the fashion world. Following are six vintage jewellery trends, absolute must-haves, that you will probably see on the catwalks in 2022.

  1. Sleek And Shiny – Chain-Link Necklaces – one of the six vintage jewellery trends that you can expect to see in 2022, is chain-link detailing. These shiny, sleek pieces are ideal to wear every day and are one of the best ways to accessorise any outfit you are wearing. Layering a few thinner necklaces is still a favourite but large chain chokers are making a huge comeback.

Chainlink Necklace

  1. Fashion For Your Fingers – Stylish Cocktail Or Carved Rings – rings are major accessories for both women and men. With designs that never seem to go out of fashion, there are a few styles that have made it back onto the trends list, one of these being gipsy or rings that are inspired by menswear. A favourite of younger individuals, these subtle or carved setting rings look best when chunky and well worn.

Then again, with cocktail rings, bigger is also better, with bold rings set with large gemstones being the perfect statement jewellery pieces that will be extremely popular in 2022. Vintage sites and shops will offer a variety of rings with unique gemstones and settings.

  1. Sophisticated Pearls – Festive And Formal – you can never go wrong by using the allure of vintage pearls to add immediate embellishment to any outfit you are wearing. Pearls offer sophistication for both festive and formal occasions and are becoming increasingly popular again. Baroque pearls, because of their extraordinary size and asymmetric shape, are first in the queue in popularity.

Vintage Pearls

  1. Ear Appeal – Hoop Earrings – new designs don’t have that story that vintage trends possess. Hoop earrings, irrespective of their size or shape, are intriguingly perennial and have maintained their distinctive “trendy” factor over the years. These pieces of jewellery, when purchased vintage, particularly those from the 70s, provide modern appeal together with a bit of classic personality.

Diamond and Gold Hoop Earrings

  1. Wrist Adornments – Bangle Bracelets – staple wrist wear is a must-have in any jewellery collection. Bangles create a balance between playful presentation and lavish luxury and are again in fashion in 2022. Hinged bangles are stylish options that offer the ultimate in comfort and charm.

Wide Ribbed bangle

  1. Playful And Vivid – Quirky, Colourful Stones – colourful stones and charms are vintage jewellery trends that resound with more extreme styles. This vibrant trend, taking cues from the 60s, uses the most striking jewellery items to provide glitzy and bright aesthetics. Quirky sets of earrings, brooches, rings, bracelets, or necklaces are sure to become high fashion pieces again, especially in spring.

modern multi gemstone bracelet

Is It Worth Buying Vintage Jewellery?

Generally speaking, vintage and antique jewellery is less expensive than modern jewellery, and yet it is more valuable! Vintage and antique jewellery is more valuable than the total sum of its components, as each part is unique; something that the modern production methods of today simply cannot duplicate.

There are basically eight good reasons to buy vintage jewellery, namely:

  1. It is excellent value for money
  2. Superior quality because each piece is handcrafted and not mass-produced like modern jewellery
  3. Vintage jewellery is a great investment
  4. It is unique, with no two vintage jewellery pieces never being the same
  5. It’s a part of history with a story to tell
  6. It is a style statement that will make you stand out in a crowd
  7. It is exceptionally well handcrafted and will last for many years
  8. It is authentic and nothing can compare to the materials, techniques, and craftsmanship that were used at that time

In Conclusion

If you are ready to go out and shop for vintage jewellery, then keep your eyes peeled for funky hoop earrings, gold chains, silver and gold rings set with big, dark stones like emerald, onyx, or ruby, and large, brightly-coloured pendants. Although you might be tempted to buy pieces just because they are vintage, take some time to think about your purchase, and make sure that it’s a piece that you “click” with, that will give you that special individuality that you are looking for. After all, you are just as special and unique as that piece of vintage jewellery you’re adding to your jewellery collection!

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June 21, 2022 — CG Hart