Most people all over the world have heard of moonstone jewellery with some of them choosing to wear it simply because it is a beautiful stone, and others knowing and recognising the powers and benefits it can bring into their lives.

To certain cultures, the moonstone is representative of the yin or feminine energy, and others believe it to attract the moon’s soothing energies – the reason it is called “moonstone.” Just like the moon, the moonstone also holds celestial and other-worldly elements.

moonstone, diamond and sapphire cluster ring

Others again believe that this beautiful stone will bring balance, as well as relaxation and peace into their lives.

Where Does Moonstone Come From?

Although moonstone is most common in Sri Lanka and India, it is found in all areas of the world. The Romans and Greeks were some of the first to discover moonstone, with both believing that it came from the moon goddess as a gift.

Moonstone is abundant in India, making it possible to trace its uses in that country, back to ancient times. India knew that moonstone had feminine and sensual properties, which is why it was given as a gift to newly wedded couples.

Chandra, the moon god of India, also wore the moonstone on his forehead.

Moonstone then found its way to Europe, and it was there, during the Art Nouveau era, that Rene Lalique, a famous French goldsmith, designed and created some of the most amazing jewellery containing the fabulous stone.

Rene Lalique jewellery

These days, moonstone jewellery is seen everywhere, with many people wearing it for its beauty, and others wearing it for its healing properties.

What Is The Meaning Of Moonstone?

Since moonstone belongs to the mother moon, when holding a moonstone, a person feels a unique kind of energy, and perfectly relaxed and calm, instead of feeling lively and full of energy.

In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans believed that moonstone had certain lunar properties and believed too, that it got its powers from the actual moon, and the iridescent sheen of the stone came from moonbeams.

This discovery led to the popularity and powers of the moonstone extending to a variety of other countries and cultures in the world.

Moonstone is believed to be nourishing and can make a person feel at peace with him/herself. Many gem healers, therefore, link the moonstone with water’s healing powers and it is also the reason why sailors frequently carry moonstone when they are at sea.

The gemstone is also referred to as the yin, because of its feminine energy, and is also the reason it symbolises femininity. Many individuals use moonstones to improve the romance in their lives.

Since moonstone also represents fertility, it is frequently gifted to women who want to conceive.

What Are The Properties Of Moonstone?

One of the most famous aspects of moonstone is its iridescence. Although the stone can be white, grey, or clear, it shimmers with many colours, including pink, green, orange, and yellow. The various colours of moonstone have different meanings.

A moonstone that is mainly white and less iridescent, represents motherly energy instead of sensual or feminine energy. When you hold this type of moonstone, you will have a feeling of complete peace.

Some healers believe that the most powerful moonstones are those which are the clearest.

Moonstones with a blue sheen are also used by healers for their feminine and sensual properties, which they use to bring balance to the yin and yang, enhance your love life, and improve fertility.

Rainbow moonstones also symbolise fertility and feminine energy.

Blue moonstone is said to have powerful healing properties, and the ability to make you feel calm during times of distress and pain.

How Is Moonstone Used in Jewellery?

Although you can purchase a single moonstone crystal, it is most powerful when worn against the skin, which is why moonstone jewellery is preferred by so many people.

Healing is activated when you wear moonstone and feelings of relaxation and love are enhanced. Moonstone jewellery is highly recommended for women, because by wearing moonstone, their feminine energy is activated, and will act as a guide for them with fertility and love.

One of the most popular pieces of moonstone jewellery is the pendant since it can lie close to the heart and give the wearer feelings of inner peace. Also extremely popular, are moonstone rings, with one being worn on each hand for balance.
moonstone brooch
Every moonstone is unique and comes in a wide range of forms, so it is best to wear different types of moonstone jewellery so that you can reap more of its special benefits.

How To Care For Moonstone

Moonstone can easily be broken or scratched, so it is advisable to keep it in a jewellery box lined with felt, to prevent it from being damaged.

These gems should be cleaned often, using only warm, soapy, water, dish detergent, or a non-acid based jewellery cleaner. Moonstone jewellery should be buffed with a soft cloth before being worn, and since the sun’s rays are damaging to moonstones, it is recommended that you only wear them at night.

In Conclusion

Moonstones are spectacular gems that provide a variety of healing powers. They have a fascinating history and because they signify relaxation, feminine energy, balance, fertility, and love they have for centuries been the favourite of many people all over the world.

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June 13, 2022 — CG Hart