It is a fact that most people find objects from yesteryear extremely fascinating. First edition books, classic cars, stately homes, and old master paintings, among many others, are considered to be valuable, beautiful, and worthy of being passed down from one generation to the next.

The British upper class especially would even go as far as to have a well-worn, beautifully tailored suit that once belonged to a great granddad patched up to wear, instead of buying a new one.

It is often said that “they don’t make them like they used to,” and this is frequently so true!

The same feelings apply to jewellery. Apart from the refined elegance and stunning beauty of antique jewellery pieces, there is something magical about jewellery items from days gone by, and to top it all, it is also an extremely sound investment!

There are many interesting facts surrounding antique jewellery, such as the following:

  1. It Is Incredibly Desirable – there is something mystical and romantic about antique jewellery that is almost impossible to find these days. Modern designs cannot match the hand-made pieces made by highly skilled craftsmen, their remarkable attention to detail, the old-world techniques, and that subtle sparkle.
  2. Excellent Value – since antique jewellery is VAT exempt, you will automatically pay at least 20% less than the same piece made today. Also, you are not charged the seller’s overheads for the high-quality materials and gemstones used in antique jewellery. Just like classic cars, the value of antique jewellery remains the same, so it is an excellent investment. There is always a big demand for classic cars, and the same applies to antique jewellery - it will always be desirable and collectable!
  3. Better Quality – most of today’s jewellery is cast, but antique jewellery was most times hand-crafted. Even high-end, customised modern jewellery is nowhere near the level of workmanship and quality that is regularly seen in antique jewellery. In those days, jewellery was made by highly skilled craftsmen who spent a lot of time designing and creating customised pieces for wealthy customers. This resulted in a level of refined workmanship that surpasses those produced by even the best jewellers of today.
  4. It is More Sustainable – it is not easy to produce jewellery in a truly eco-friendly way, because of the enormous resources required to mine precious metals and gemstones. When you buy antique jewellery, you are more of a conservator instead of a consumer, because antique jewellery was produced in a truly eco-friendly way and not mass-produced. In addition, most antique jewellery is sold by small teams or one-man bands, and family businesses, instead of large corporations.
  5. It is Unique – it was only recently that jewellery became mass-produced, so there is little likelihood of finding two of the same antique jewellery pieces. Many antique jewellery items were one-offs created by a highly skilled artisan for a wealthy member of the public. In actual fact, it is virtually impossible to find two pieces of antique jewellery that look the same.
  6. Every Piece Tells A Story – there is always something incredibly romantic about jewellery items from long ago, and each has a story to tell, which is what most collectors find extremely fascinating. In other words, when you buy an antique piece of jewellery, you become the next chapter in its story.
  7. Antique Jewellery Is Authentic – although It is easy to find a piece of modern jewellery designed to look like it is from another era, there is nothing that can beat the thrill of acquiring a piece that was actually made during that time. The materials, artisanship, and techniques of those times were superior, and give you the same feeling you would have by hanging a genuine Monet painting on your wall instead of simply a replica.
  8. Antique Jewellery Is Well Made – one of the most fascinating facts about antique jewellery is the high level of quality of each piece. If an antique jewellery item has remained intact until today and is still in good condition, it can only mean that the workmanship is excellent, and with the proper care, will remain in outstanding shape for many years to come.
  9. It Is A Style Statement – it is easy to walk into a reputable jeweller and buy a piece of modern jewellery. However, it takes time and determination to go out of your way to search for that stunning piece of antique jewellery that when you find it, “speaks” to and you fall in love with immediately.
  10. The Hunt Is Exciting – the hunt and finally tracking down “that” piece, is half the fun of collecting and buying antique jewellery. The time you spend asking people where to look, knowing what you are looking for, learning to recognise the techniques and old styles, and understanding the factors of each era, is in itself, a rich and rewarding experience.

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In Conclusion

The main reason why most people purchase antique jewellery is the love of pieces from bygone eras. Tracking down and finding a unique piece that resonates with you is more than enough reason to choose an antique jewellery piece rather than a modern one.

Antiques, for many people, are relics of days gone by, a little piece of history that will live forever, unlike the passing fashion trends of today, which come and go.

It is understandable to buy antique jewellery because it is loved, but there is a lot more to it than that. Antique dealers search for pieces based on certain criteria standards in the industry, their own expertise that they’ve gained over the years, as well as the understanding of how the factor of time can influence the investment value.

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February 18, 2022 — CG Hart