With the enormous variety of luxury watches available today, as well as their high price tags, purchasing a prestige watch can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you are a first timer.

There are several good reasons why you should buy a high-end watch, however, including the following 5 reasons, which will make you realize why spending money on a luxury watch is worth every penny. These reasons will make it a lot easier for you to choose the right timepiece that will suit your personal budget and lifestyle best.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch

5 Reasons For Buying A Luxury Watch

Basically, there are 5 good reasons for investing in a luxury watch, including:

  1. It Is A Sign Of Outstanding Craftsmanship - one of the main reasons why a luxury watch is expensive, is because of the amount of time it took to make, as well as the high-quality materials used in its manufacture. The best quality materials and movements are used to make sure that the watch remains dependable and is a constant pleasure to wear.
  2. Luxury Watches Are Profitable – many high-end or limited-edition watches are bought at a high price and sold for a much higher price a few years later. Some collectors will buy a watch, enjoy wearing it for a few years, then sell it for a profit. There are even those who buy luxury watches purely for investment purchases, without wearing them at all.
  3. You Can Use A Luxury Timepiece To Mark A Special Occasion Or Milestone – what better way to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, graduation, retirement, or wedding, than with a fantastic luxury watch? Since these watches are expensive, they make fabulous, special gifts, for those really special occasions.
  4. You Can Use A Luxury Timepiece To Express Your Personal Style – some people find it hard to show their personal style every day, especially when they dress for a day at the office. Men tend to have this problem more than women, so a beautiful, high-quality luxury watch is the ideal way to make them catch the attention of their colleagues at work. Whether they wear a suit or a uniform, the luxury timepiece they have on their wrist is sure to express their personal style to those around them.
  5. Your Luxury Watch Will Become An Heirloom – the fact that luxury timepieces are durable and dependable, means that, if looked after properly, they will stay looking good for decades, and can even be handed down from one generation to the next.

Things To Consider When Buying A Luxury Watch

Apart from affordability, you need to take into consideration what you want your watch to look like, what type of strap it should have, where and when you will be wearing your timepiece, and so forth.
mechanical watch

According to the experts, everything from the mechanics to the materials is important when purchasing a luxury timepiece. For instance:

The Mechanics – most high-end watches, unlike quartz watches that run on batteries, are mechanically operated, and work via an elaborate system of cogs and springs that need regular servicing and adjustments, which most times, is expensive. These movements require the services of a professional since they are developed and assembled by the watch brand’s craftsman, more than likely completely by hand.

Even though these mechanical watches are significantly pricier to maintain than quartz watches, with proper care and maintenance, they can last for many years, even centuries. Mechanical watches not only serve as trademarks of the wearer’s style but normally become heirlooms as well, for future generations.

Materials – a variety of materials are used in the manufacture of luxury watches. These include stainless steel, which, besides being hard-wearing, is also perfect if you find a worn-looking watch attractive.

Titanium, apart from being hypoallergenic and ideal for men with sensitive skin, is also not as heavy as stainless steel.

Then there is the old standby, gold - white gold for that slightly flashy look and rose or yellow gold if you prefer something bold.

Scuffs and nicks will show on all the above metals, which, over the years, will produce unique markings.

Ceramic is becoming increasingly popular with luxury watchmakers these days. It is a modern material that is scratch-resistant and always has a crisp, brand-new appearance.

Irrespective of the material you choose for the casing, however, you can change the look of your watch completely, with the type of strap you choose. This could be a strap made entirely of one material, such as stingray, calfskin, or even NATO nylon, for example, or you can take the plunge and have a strap that consists of a mixture of several different materials.

Who Is The Maker? – it is important, when purchasing a high-end watch, to choose a reputable brand that is recognised for its outstanding workmanship. For example, luxury watchmakers like TAG Heuer, Rolex, Breitling, and Omega are well known all over the world, and wearing such an iconic brand, will convey your style to those around you.
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Choosing a distinctive special edition, or a less common timepiece, or opting for an Italian or French model such as Panerai or Cartier, however, will make some people curious.

No matter which way you choose, however, you will still pay a premium price for a brand-new luxury watch from a boutique.

Then again, you could go the alternative route, and buy a luxury, pre-owned watch through a reputable dealer. Here, you can choose a well-known brand, under warranty, just as if you had bought it brand new. Purchasing a pre-owned luxury watch will save you plenty of money.

Features – luxury timepieces have several unique features to suit all tastes and lifestyles. For instance, watches with GMT and world timers, which show a variety of time zones, are ideal for those who fly frequently. Runners, scuba divers, and racers will love a watch with a chronograph that doubles as a display watch and stopwatch, and a watch dedicated to anti-magnetic designs is perfect for medical technicians and engineers.

Apart from the above outstanding features, however, there are even luxury watches that include distress signals, tourbillons, moon phases, and many other complicated features which, although not practical at all, look really superb!

Whether it’s for motor racing, traveling, deep-sea diving, mountaineering, or simply for the sake of being indulgent, there are luxury watches that frequently feature real-world, as well as specialised applications.

In Conclusion

Apart from finishing off your outfit to perfection, wearing the right watch can also be an expression of your aspirations, passions, and priorities. In short, you can tell a lot about a man or woman by simply looking at the type of watch they wear.

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September 26, 2022 — CG Hart