The anniversary of the day you got married to your loved one is a truly special occasion, that warrants a special gift. Gifts of specific gemstones or metals associated with each anniversary year originated many years ago in European regions and have grown in popularity since then.

What Type Of Jewellery Gifts Do I Give To My Spouse On Our Anniversary?

Some of the gifts you can give to your loved one include:

Necklaces – a necklace is a classic anniversary gift that your loved one can wear every day. A pendant in the shape of an infinity sign or a heart is incredibly significant, and for a timeless choice, you cannot go wrong with a diamond pendant.

Rings – an anniversary ring is a symbol of the unending love you share and will remind you of the day you said your vows. Giving a ring as an anniversary gift is meaningful and versatile. It is a gorgeous, thoughtful gift that your spouse will enjoy wearing every day, or on special occasions.

Earrings – the most popular gift for anniversaries are earrings, and there are thousands of styles and designs to choose from, including classic diamond studs, to elaborate, gem-encrusted dangling earrings, and everything else in between!

How Do I Know Which Gift To Give My Spouse On Our Next Anniversary?

Following is an anniversary gift guide by year, to help you find the perfect gift to give to your spouse as a beautiful expression of your love.

1st Year: Gold – your first year of marriage is full of wonderful memories, so a gift of gold seems an apt way to commemorate them. A classic piece of jewellery for a first-anniversary gift could be one of white or yellow gold. You might consider a gift of rose gold for a distinctive look, especially popular vintage, or contemporary jewellery styles.

2nd Year: Garnet – garnet is the traditional gemstone for a second anniversary. Garnet, treasured since ancient times, comes in a wide range of colours, with the deep, pomegranate red colour being the most famous and popular. A vintage ring set with a garnet would make a wonderful 2nd-anniversary gift. For something more modern, a set made up of a garnetpendant with earrings to match is a beautiful choice.

3rd Year: Pearl – pearls are the traditional gems for third wedding anniversaries and are unique, in that they are found in the ocean, rather than mined like other gemstones. Pearls have been admired for centuries and are so lustrous naturally, that they need no polishing or cutting. One of the best third wedding anniversary gifts you can give to your loved one is a set of pearl earrings and a pendant to match. This is truly the most classic of jewellery pieces that your spouse will love and wear forever.

4th Year: Topaz – topaz comes in a wide variety of colours, but it’s the buoyant blue shade that is the most popular for fourth wedding anniversary gifts. Its brilliance and relatively high clarity make it shine beautifully in the centre of settings in earrings, rings, and necklaces. With a rating of 8 on Moh’s scale of hardness, Topaz is also an incredibly durable gemstone.

5th Year: Sapphire – sapphires have been the symbol of truth and loyalty since ancient times and are also the traditional gemstone for fifth wedding anniversaries. These stunning gems come in an enormous range of colours, from royal blues to different shades of feminine pinks that are suitable for just about any taste and style. Sapphire anniversary bands are classic gifts that are certain to please, and sapphire pendant and earrings sets are also beautiful time-honoured anniversary gifts.

10th Year: Diamonds – a tenth anniversary is a truly special occasion, a real milestone, so it is only natural that diamonds are the traditional gemstone for this anniversary Treasured for centuries for their brilliance and incredible hardness, diamonds are used to adorn many of the most sought-after pieces of jewellery. Diamond earrings of any style make beautiful gifts, and a diamond ring, being both beautiful and sentimental, will remind you of the day you exchanged rings so many years before.

15th Year: Ruby - the fifteenth anniversary is a banner occasion, and is associated traditionally, with rubies. Rubies have been treasured for hundreds of years and have always been a symbol of peace and prosperity. Their hardness and durability, as well as their deep, red colour, rubies are prized stones and used as the centre stone in many sought-after vintage jewellery pieces. Rubies also feature n larger-than-life Retro designs as well as geometric Art Deco styles. Ruby jewellery items are timeless and choosing a ruby vintage ring is an excellent way to celebrate the history you and your spouse have made together over the past 15 years.

20th Year: Emerald – emeralds, with their luminous green hue, are the official gem for 20th wedding anniversaries, and has also been recognised as a gemstone of royalty. Jewellery pieces, whether modern, vintage, or antique, that feature emeralds, are beautiful ways to commemorate a 20th wedding anniversary.

25th Year: Sterling Silver – after being together for 25 years, the best way to express your infinite love for your spouse, is with a gift made from sterling silver. An infinity symbol necklace, with sparkling gemstones, is the perfect way to demonstrate to your wife that she is the colour in your colourless world. A sterling silver chain necklace or bracelet is a fun and fancy way to show your husband that you are thrilled to celebrate your first 25 years together and are ready to share the next 25 with him!

30th Year: Pearl – pearls are traditionally the gift for your 30th wedding anniversary. The shimmering beauty of a pearl is hidden inside an oyster and only revealed after the oyster has been opened. Pearls are beautiful, and one of the most luxurious of gems, and giving pearls as a gift is representative of this hidden beauty. Giving pearls as a 30th wedding anniversary gift reminds a couple of the inner beauty in their marriage and the wonderful experience their marriage has been for them in the years they shared together.

40th Year: Ruby – being married for 40 years is an outstanding achievement, so it deserves the same type of extraordinary gift. Rubies, those deep, red gemstones that symbolise power, courage, and passion, are the perfect complement to this milestone anniversary. The range of ruby jewellery to choose from as a gift for your spouse is enormous, so you are sure to find the piece that demonstrates properly, your amazing achievement of being together for 40 years!

45th Year: Sapphire - as with the 5th year anniversary the beautiful sapphire is again the gemstone for the 45th anniversary. Legend has it that when love wains in a relationship the blue sapphire will turn to green. However, the sapphire is also associated with joy and prosperity and makes the perfect gift on this very specail anniversary.

50th Year: Yellow Gold – your 50th wedding anniversary is a remarkable milestone that calls for a gift that can be treasured. Celebrate your amazing bond with your spouse with a gift of a timeless piece of yellow gold jewellery. Yellow gold is the symbol of courage, wisdom, and compassion, and therefore the way to express your enduring love Give your loved one a gift of yellow gold jewellery for your 50th wedding anniversary and celebrate enjoying half a century together in style!

60th Year: Diamond – being married for 60 years definitely deserves something special to celebrate it, so it’s not surprising that the 60th wedding anniversary gift is a diamond. This spectacular gemstone that symbolises durability, faithfulness, and light, is an appropriate tribute to a relationship that is rock-solid!

In Conclusion

You get married to the person you love because you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Just like your marriage, jewellery is lasting and sentimental, so it makes the perfect gift for the person you share your life with.

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November 15, 2021 — CG Hart