People love vintage jewellery for the simple reason that it is unique. Jewellery from yesteryear is an attention-grabber that usually has a fantastic story behind it. Besides being beautiful heirloom pieces, vintage jewellery items were made with care, by a person who took tremendous pride in his/her craft, and this is evident in the high quality of the jewellery pieces of that time. 

Vintage butterfly pendant

It is the authenticity attached to jewellery from days gone by, that makes these pieces so attractive to many people. Although today’s jewellery designs are stunning, they just don’t have that certain “something” from the past that collectors of vintage jewellery love. 

While old handbags, dresses, and coats from decades ago are considered enormous winners, vintage jewellery finds frequently feel like absolute treasures! 

Lately, meaningful charms, whimsical designs from the 90s, and silver jewellery from the past are the vintage jewellery items that are the most sought-after. 

Following are a few vintage jewellery trends for 2022 that you might want to consider adding to your collection.

What Are The Best Pieces To Buy?

Charms – Charms are huge right now, particularly jewellery pieces with a talismanic tone. People are going for jewellery that means something and makes them feel good, especially charm jewellery that expresses luck, protection, good fortune, love, and so forth. Zodiac charms are also in big demand.
Vintage Charm

Hoop earrings – vintage hoop earrings, especially those from the 70s, are still highly fashionable, and range from affordable, to expensive pieces from the Victorian era. This proves that hoop earrings remain a “cool” jewellery item from one season to the next.
vintage hoop earrings

Silver vintage pieces– for a while, gold chains were the in thing, and still are, but silver jewellery from the 90s is having its moment in the fashion world. The great thing about silver being a trend in 2022, is because it is highly affordable and the perfect way for anyone to start their vintage collection. Native American and Moroccan tribal silver vintage jewellery pieces, as well as those by well-known silversmiths like Alexander Calder, Jean Despre, Robert Lee Morris, and Art Smith, are incredibly trendy in 2022.
Vintage Silver Locket
Intricate Italian vintage jewellery – there is a huge interest in the intricately crafted gold pieces by Italian master jewellery Mario Buccellati. These are the vintage jewellery items to add to your collection in 2022 if you are looking for pieces that will add “wow” and high drama to any outfit you are wearing.

Whimsy 60s vintage jewellery – maximalists and people with bold tastes will be happy to know that the playful, vibrant styles of the 60s is back in 2022. The most popular pieces are candy-coloured and whimsical vintage pieces, especially from the three top brands, namely Bulgari, David Webb, and Van Cleef & Arpels. 
Vintage Alhambra bracelet

Menswear-inspired vintage rings – 2022 sees women forgoing feminine jewellery and switching to heavier, menswear-inspired rings such as gypsy and signet rings. These rings, dating back to Victorian times, are famous for having stones set in heavy gold, and there is a wide variety of them out there to choose from.
Mens Signet Ring
Brooches – statement brooches are extremely trendy in 2022, especially those big, colourful vintage pieces that give an instant touch of polish to any outfit. Pieces by famous names like Chanel or Cartier are incredibly sought-after by collectors. 
A vintage amethyst and pearl brooch

Another trend in 2022, is to wear brooches in different ways, such as at the waist, to fasten a coat, or even in the hair, as an accessory, all of which helps to make vintage jewellery cool, must-have items again. Chunky silhouettes, stainless steel, and gold brooches are in big demand because they are stylish and at the same time, effortless. This makes them extremely versatile and perfect ways to make wearing jeans and a T-shirt look classy. 

Where To Find Vintage Jewellery

If you’re interested in starting a collection of vintage jewellery, then it will help a lot if you know exactly where to find good vintage jewellery pieces. Obviously you can start with Vintage Tom and Charles Hart Jewellers as we are expert vintage and antique jewellers. We can offer you expert advice and guidance to your vintage jewellery journey.

However, another good place to start is at your local thrift stores or consignment shops. It does take a bit of time and patience; however, people have found some great pieces at bargain prices in these places. 

Vintage jewellery can also be found at auction houses or estate sales, which are normally advertised in local newspapers. These ads will tell you where and when the sales will take place, as well as provide you with a list of the items that will be on sale.


In conclusion


If you’re ready to do some shopping for vintage jewellery, then make sure to check for funky hoop earrings, heavy, chunky gold chains, and silver rings set with dark stones such as emeralds, sapphires, ruby, or onyx, as well as large, brightly coloured pendants. With any of these vintage pieces in your collection, you are sure to be in fashion in 2022.

The exciting thing about the vintage pieces you have in your collection though is that while you have them, you will be adding to the chapters in their history. You will breathe life into them, and eventually, they will become part of your own story.

July 14, 2022 — Lawrence Pryor