Just like clothing, vintage jewellery trends are also changing all the time, making it hard to know what to wear to stay in fashion.

Frequently, it’s a specific material or style that influences what type of jewellery is in style, whether it’s around your neck or in your ears. 

vintage earring

Following Are The Vintage Jewellery Styles That Will Trend In 2020. 

A variety of metals – before, it was a complete no-no to wear a mixture of silver and gold jewellery, but in 2020, you are extremely fashionable if you wear contrasting metal jewellery. If you’re unsure about this, then start simply, by wearing a bracelet or earrings made from a different metal to the necklace you’re wearing. 

The distance between your jewellery will make it less noticeable that you’re wearing jewellery of different metals. Once you feel comfortable wearing jewellery made from silver and gold together, then you can experiment with wearing a few necklaces or bracelets of different metals, at the same time. 

Plenty of colour! – the trend in 2020 is to have bold, bright pieces of vintage jewellery to your jewellery box. They are incredibly eye-catching and while adding fun to the outfit you’re wearing, can still give you that sophisticated edge you’re looking for. Colours to go for include: 

  • Contrasting colours such as pink and light green
  • Coordinating hues like yellow, orange, and pink
  • Various shades of the same colour, such as red and pink 

These colours can be the beads, gems, or other elements that make up the jewellery piece, be separated in a colour-block style, or be mixed in the design. You can either mimic the colour trends of the runways or choose a style that suits you best. 

Three-dimensional shapes – three-dimensional jewellery is incredibly "big” in 2020, especially vintage necklaces and earrings. Jewellery pieces to go for are delicate yet dramatic necklaces with orb-shaped lockets, or dangly, spherical earrings. If you’re not into round jewellery, then opt for a three-dimensional design of a different shape. For instance, a thick and heavy rectangular-shaped jewellery piece encrusted with colourful gemstones is bound to add a dramatic look to the outfit you are wearing. 

Go natural! – vintage jewellery made with the textures, shapes, and colours of natural materials, are incredibly trendy in 2020. Jewellery pieces with shell accents are extremely popular, as are leaf-shaped earrings and pendants, made from a variety of metals and materials. Bird-shaped jewellery, particularly earrings, has also been seen on the runways in 2020. 

Pearls – pearl jewellery has been around for many, many years, and seems to always be in fashion. In 2020, pearl necklaces and earrings should be added to your collection, either the symmetrical ones for that classy, elegant look, or asymmetrical ones if you prefer the natural look. Pearls can be used on their own in a design, or they can be used together with other metals or gems to create a style that is more flexible. 

pearl brooch

Consider Adding The Following Pieces Of Vintage Jewellery To Your Collection: 

  • A classic pearl necklace that lies on your collarbone
  • A choker necklace with a single pearl
  • Delicate, single pearl earrings 

2020 Trends For Specific Jewellery Pieces

Although it’s a good thing to know what styles are in fashion, it’s also important to know the trends for specific jewellery pieces.

For example: 

Trends for earrings – bold or elegant earrings are an excellent way to flaunt your knowledge of fashion. In 2020, it’s an absolute must to only wear one earring; not a small stud that many have worn in past years, but rather one that will give your outfit that dramatic element – the bigger and bolder, the better! Your one earring must deliver a statement, so wearing one that reaches down to your shoulder, is perfect! Of course, this type of earring isn’t suitable for everyday wear, but if you want to stay in fashion when you go to work for instance, then you could wear: 

  • A one-colour shape such as a rectangle or heart
  • A geode earring that will give you the natural look
  • A gold dangling earring with a single stone 

If you have more than one piercing, you can wear a large earring in your lobe, with small studs or hoops in the upper holes. 

Necklace trends for 2020 – a trendy necklace is an easy addition to any outfit, whether you’re going for a casual or elegant look. Vintage necklace fashions for 2020 include:  

Chokers – these necklaces, that fit snugly around the neck, have become increasingly popular lately. In the past, fashionable chokers were those made from velvet or resembled tattoos. In 2020 however, chokers are made from stylish gemstones and materials. There are two options that you should have in your collection, including:  

Subtle: this type of choker, featuring a delicate chain and a gemstone, is a style that is ideal to wear every day, but can also be worn with an elegant outfit to create a formal look. These chokers can be plain and simple, or made with a pendant or chain that hangs down from the neck.  

Dramatic: dramatic chokers come in numerous varieties, including textured, layered, and bigger than the subtle type mentioned above. Some are designed with layers covered in shining, colourful gemstones and are real attention-grabbers, while others come in cuff styles, designed to cover most of the neck. 

Big chain necklaces – the links on these necklaces are normally large. Big chain necklaces are great to wear in layers with the same type of other necklaces, or with necklaces that are totally different. If you’re not into traditional chains, then give the trend a bit of a twist, by wearing hoop chain necklaces. These are made up of a series of flat circles next to one another, connected by small hoops. Hoop chains are more elegant-looking but will still draw attention to your neckline. 

Long necklaces – completely opposite to the other two types of necklaces, long necklaces have also made their way into the vintage jewellery trends of 2020. They are extremely versatile, because they come in different metals, with or without pendants or charms, or anything else that takes your fancy. You can also wear layers of long necklaces or for the minimalist look, just one long necklace on its own.  

Lariat necklaces – these necklaces, that fall into the “long necklace” category, are secured with a knot, instead of a clasp, and can come in styles that feature brilliant gems and delicate chains. The knot is an adornment that lies where the necklace falls, making the lariat a beautiful, fashionable necklace that can be worn on its own.  

How To wear 2020 Vintage Jewellery Trends

It’s important to know how to wear these pieces of jewellery, so that you can get that style you’re aiming for. To get that look you want, do the following:  

Mix the trends – wear accessories that apply to different trends to create a dramatic look, like a necklace with big chains and a dramatic earring in one ear. If you would rather go for the elegant look, then wear a lariat necklace and small hoop earrings. Add another style to the outfit you’re wearing, by mixing the metals of your jewellery.  

Keep things simple – keep things simple to create an elegant look, by wearing a pair of pearl earrings for a subtle, trendy look. Or, if you want to look trendy and stand out, then go for a colour block piece of jewellery. Doing things simply is a great way to get into the fashion trends for the year, even more so if they are items that you would not normally wear.  

Find a piece that suits all trends – the easiest way to get the best of multiple trends and simple styles, is to go for a jewellery piece that suits all trends. A delicate choker can have a pearl as a gemstone, a chain necklace, and mixed metals. Go for hoop earrings that feature a three-dimensional orb, a twist of mixed metals, or a sculptural touch. If you’re looking for something a bit more youthful, then opt for a colour block choker necklace, that will definitely give that trendy twist to your outfit.

Tip: If wearing bold, trendy jewellery isn’t something you normally do, then begin with something that makes you feel comfortable. Wear clothes with a neutral colour so that it doesn’t have to compete with the jewellery you want to wear.

After all, it’s better to work with a blank canvas to layer your accessories on and try out the latest vintage jewellery trends. 

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