Vintage diamond jewellery will never go out-of-fashion and can be a wonderful addition to any collection thanks to its beautiful designs and luxurious materials. It is the perfect addition to any collection, whether you want to add sophistication to your outfit or celebrate a special occasion.
Art Deco style diamond triple cluster ring

It is important to remember these things when shopping for vintage diamond jewellery. The first thing you should do is to examine the diamonds. Examine the stones for any flaws or imperfections. These can dramatically reduce their value. A diamond that is perfect will be more expensive than one that has some flaws. You should also pay attention to what metal the piece is made of. Most where commonly made from gold and silver, although platinum was also very popular especially in the Art Deco period.

Vintage Diamond Styles

There are many styles available when it comes to vintage diamond jewellery. Art Deco pieces are known for their bold geometric shapes and vibrant colors. Edwardian pieces are well-known for their intricate details and delicate designs. Victorian and Georgian pieces often feature intricate carvings and engravings. Retro pieces are well-known for their unique designs and bright colors.
vintage emerald and diamond five stone ring

Vintage diamond jewellery can add glamour and style to any outfit and will make a strong statement, no matter if you choose a traditional Edwardian piece or bold Art Deco style. It can make any occasion more special with its timeless beauty and luxurious materials.

You can use vintage diamond jewellery in a variety settings including rings, earrings and necklaces. Bezel settings, tension settings, and prong settings are all popular settings for the jewellery. Popular designs include halo settings and pave settings although it can also be used to create unique pieces.

Makes For The Perfect Gift

A perfect gift for any occasion has to be vintage diamond jewellery. This timeless piece will be treasured for many years. Weddings, anniversaries and graduations are some of the most memorable occasions for vintage diamond jewellery to be given. This is a wonderful way to show your appreciation or love for someone you care about. It can be a beautiful and meaningful gift that will make any occasion even more special.

The most expensive Vintage Diamond Ring Sold

Graff Pink was the most expensive vintage diamond ring, selling for $46.2million in 2010. It was a 24.78 carat fancy intense pink diamond set within a platinum ring. There were also two half-moons diamonds. The famous diamond house Graff created the ring and it was sold at Sotheby's auction, Geneva.
Graff Pink diamond


Why is vintage diamond jewellery more desirable than conflict diamond jewellery?

Conflict diamonds are extracted in conflict areas and their profits go to war and human rights abuses. Reclaimed diamonds are used to make vintage diamond jewellery. These diamonds are more ethical and sustainable than conflict diamonds. Vintage jewellery is also more special than modern jewellery because it has antique or vintage settings. Because of its unique design and ethical sourcing, vintage diamonds can be a better choice than conflict diamond jewellery.

In Conclusion

Vintage diamond jewellery is a beautiful piece of jewellery and is a wonderful addition to any collection. It can be worn for many special occasions and features intricate designs and luxurious materials. It can be passed down from generation to generation and is the perfect heirloom gift.

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January 31, 2023 — CG Hart