Charles Hart Jewellers are interested in buying your unused jewellery items. Whether it's a damaged chain, an antique diamond ring, or a quality watch you no longer desire, we welcome them all. We can also sell your item here on our high traffic website at Vintage Tom for a commission, the choice is yours. You can expect to receive a fast payout, usually the next day, and the best prices offered for any item.
A moonstone bar brooch

Will my unwanted jewellery items be scrapped?

We purchase certain items at their current scrap value. In cases where the items are damaged or lack resale potential, our offer will be based on the prevailing market rate on that day, which is subject to daily fluctuations. These items are promptly dispatched for melting.

However, not all items are valued at scrap rates. For high-quality jewellery pieces that are not candidates for scrapping, we provide a good price. These items are acquired for resale in our store, online, or potentially for auctioning.

How our buying jewellery process works

We offer private viewings to purchase your unwanted jewellery items and watches on selected weekday mornings from 9.30am to 12noon. To schedule an appointment, please contact us at 01373 462089 or email with your information. Our expert buyer will reach out to you to arrange a convenient time. While we can provide cash payments, our preferred methods are bank transfer or cheque.

Our Special Delivery Postage Service

We understand that distance for some people to come to our store can be an issue. For those who prefer not to visit our store to sell their items, we present our hassle-free 'Charles Hart Mail-In Gold Service'. Simply get in touch with us by email or phone at 01373 462089, and we'll send you a complimentary Special Delivery envelope. Place your items in the envelope, weigh it using your home scales, and drop it off at the Post Office. Upon receiving your items, we will promptly contact you with an attractive offer.

As trusted High Street Family Jewellers established in 1820, we assure you of our reliability. Should you accept our offer, we can issue a cheque or make a direct bank transfer. If our offer doesn't meet your expectations, we'll return your items at no cost or obligation.

How Does Commission Based Selling Work?

We offer a service to sell your jewellery on a commission basis, potentially earning you a higher return than if you were to sell it directly to us or through an auction. In this arrangement, we display your item in our shop at a mutually agreed price. Upon sale, we retain a 25% commission to cover any potential post-sale issues, as we guarantee the item's quality (and this also covers our vat on the sale and insurance whilst with us)

While we cannot predict how quickly the item will sell, this method generally yields a better profit for you over time. Please be aware that there is a non-refundable administrative fee of £25 for this service, which includes insurance while your jewellery is in our possession. Currently this fee is cancelled for all items sent to us between January 2024-March 2024, this does not affect that the item is still insured whilst with us)

Should any of these options appeal to you, we invite you to bring your item(s) to our store or contact us at 01373 462089 for further information. Additional details about our commission-based selling are available for reading here at your convenience.

We Also Buy Your Unwanted Prestige Watches

We are interested in purchasing your high-end, unwanted watches. The market for pre-owned watches is expanding for us, and we are keen to acquire any high-quality timepieces you may have. Brands we are particularly interested in include Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Longines, Gucci, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Ebel, among others.

Rolex Cellini 18 carat white gold wrist watch

Get in touch with Charles Hart Jewellers today for the best prices guaranteed for selling your unwanted gold, jewellery and watches.

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January 15, 2024 — CG Hart