Coin jewellery has been around for centuries and has in recent years has become a jewellery trend in the fashion world. These pieces vary, with designs ranging from creative and playful, to stunningly sophisticated.

Apart from being bought by coin jewellery lovers as additions to their jewellery collections, there are many people who are buying coin jewellery, sometimes referred to as numismatic jewellery, as an investment.  

VE Day Limited Edition gold sovereign coin

When Coin Jewellery Started

People throughout history, have kept coins as mementoes and worn them as jewellery, and for good reason too. Made of bright and shiny metal, coins often have beautiful, artistic designs, that are normally associated to the cultures and traditions of the country where they were struck.  

How Is Coin-based Jewellery Evaluated? 

Jewellery made from coins is evaluated as jewellery and not coins, and keepsakes and souvenirs made with coins are evaluated as gifts and novelties, rather than coins. If you are planning to sell items made with coins, it is best to take them to a jeweller to be evaluated. They will never be worth less than the amount of precious metal they contain.  

A Victorian sovereign brooch

In ancient times, the coins used in jewellery were made from precious metals, so it was mainly the elite who could afford coin jewellery and would wear it with the sole purpose of flaunting their wealth and position in the community.  

Things are very different these days, however.  Today coin jewellery pieces are: 

No more simply a status symbol - irrespective of whether the pieces are made with authentic coins, or include motifs and shapes that resemble coins, there is little doubt that coin jewellery is beautiful and sophisticated. In years gone by, coin jewellery was worn by both women and men, as a symbol of their wealth and social standing.

Things have changed dramatically since then, however, with most people buying and wearing these pieces for the simple fact that they love coin jewellery!  

Made with real and fake coins – not all coin jewellery pieces are made with genuine coins, however. Many of them consist of parts and motifs specially made to look like coins. These facts of course, play a big part in the price of the piece of jewellery a person wants to buy, whether as an investment or to simply add to their current jewellery collection.  

Examples Of Coin Jewellery 

Many different types of jewellery pieces have been made using coins, including:

  • Necklaces 
  • Rings 
  • Earrings 
  • Bracelets 
  • Hatpins 
  • Tie tacks 
  • Cuff links 
  • Watches 
  • Money clips 
  • Bolo ties 

Which Coin Jewellery Pieces Should You Invest In? 

If you are interested in investing in coin jewellery, then there is an enormous number of excellent options for you to choose from. Just a few of these include: 

  • The oversized-link necklace – this coin necklace with chunky, oversized links, will add “pop” to that outfit you wear to a cocktail party.  
  • The classic coin Napoleon necklace – this is a classic piece that will never go out of style for lovers of coin jewellery. This stunning necklace, with its beautiful, handcrafted Napoleon coin and fine yet strong link chain can be worn at any time.  
  • The sun coin necklace – a jewellery item that does not have a pendant resembling a coin, the sun coin necklace is sleek and beautiful, will make your neckline the main focus of your outfit! Inspired by nature, this necklace is gorgeous and is perfect to wear with a pair of tailored pants and a solid-colour T-shirt.  
  • The star coin necklace – there is a sun coin necklace, so it stands to reason that there should be a star coin one too. Featuring cubic Zirconia in its centre, this polished piece of coin jewellery gives any outfit that extra sparkle. Teamed with a pair of earrings, the star coin necklace is perfect for both work and formal occasions.  
  • The layered coin necklace – this layered necklace is fabulous, to say the least, and a must to complete any outfit. Be the centre of attention with this small moonstone coin necklace and larger sun coin pendant.  
  • The textured coin necklace – the textured coin necklace adds that touch of creativity to an outfit, and is a favourite of many. This beautiful, link chain coin necklace, with its stunning textured look and sparkle, is the one for you if you like trying out new fashion trends.  
  • The coin ring – moving away from necklaces, this ring is gorgeous and looks beautiful worn on its own, or with a coin necklace. If you prefer, the coin ring also works incredibly well with a pearl pendant or narrow bangle.  

A full sovereign in a brooch mount

How To Store, Clean, And Care For Coin Jewellery 

Storage – according to the experts, coin jewellery should be kept in a pouch in your jewellery box. If you have more than one piece, then use tissue paper to separate the pieces inside the pouch, to prevent scratching.  

Cleaning – the experts suggest that you take your coin jewellery to an experienced jeweller for safe cleaning if and when it becomes necessary. The reason for this is that the actual coins should not be touched during the cleaning procedure, as this could damage the patina, which would affect the value of the piece.  

Care - if one of your coins has somehow been damaged, then prevent any further damage to the coin by taking it to a jeweller for professional repair or restoration.  

Do not!: 

  • Store your coin jewellery in PVC containers 
  • Store your jewellery in moist conditions 
  • Expose your jewellery to water when swimming or washing your hands 
  • Apply perfume after putting on your jewellery 

In Conclusion 

One good thing about investing in coin jewellery is that you always have accessories that will add a vintage look to the outfit you are wearing. However, coin jewellery also works exceptionally well with contemporary clothing.  

Coin jewellery, in other words, is elegant and versatile, and the perfect way for you to easily add a creative touch to the clothes you are wearing. Rumour has it that the popularity of coin jewellery is going to grow in leaps and bounds, so now is the perfect time for you to invest in your own piecces to add to your jewellery collection.  You can view our current range of coin jewellery here

July 12, 2021 — CG Hart