With the enormous variety of options available, choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting experience. Apart from it being important that the ring is in a price range that suits your budget, it should also be meaningful and match her personal style. It is also crucial that she likes the engagement ring you have chosen for her, and also, that it will last for many years to come.

Finding the perfect engagement ring is hard but opting for a vintage engagement ring will make the task so much easier.
vintage sapphire and diamond cluster ring

7 Reasons To Buy A Vintage Engagement Ring

Following are seven top reasons why brides-to-be should choose a vintage engagement ring rather than one of the modern designs of today.

  1. Beauty – it is important that the ring you choose is exquisite. The ring on your fiancé’s hand must turn heads and be admired by everyone. Although there are stunning, modern rings available, they cannot match the allure and elegance of vintage engagement rings. The rings from yesteryear are designed with intricate patterns, beadwork, and delicate prongs of the Edwardian era, to Art Deco rings, with their bold, geometric styles, each with their own unparalleled beauty.
  2. One-of-a-kind – if your fiancé likes to be different, then buying her a vintage engagement ring will definitely match her individual style. You fell in love with your bride-to-be because she is unique, so it makes sense that you choose a ring that matches her individuality. Vintage engagement rings are original and romantic, and the perfect way to show your love for each other.
  3. Sentimental Value – vintage rings that are passed from one generation to the next, are unique, special pieces of jewellery. If you have a vintage engagement ring in your family and choose to give it to your fiancé, then she will immediately feel like part of your family. By wearing the heirloom, she will enjoy keeping to the family traditions, while at the same time, adding some of her own personality to it. Presenting your fiancé with a vintage engagement ring will make your proposal even more sentimental.
  4. Each Vintage Ring Has Its Own Story To Tell – vintage engagement rings are steeped in history – where they were made, the stones that were used in their design, and for whom they were created. It took plenty of hard work by dedicated craftsmen to create the intricate designs. Buying a vintage engagement ring for your bride-to-be gives her an opportunity to experience some of the history of her ring – a sort of window to the past, as it were. She will feel a connection to another era when she is wearing her ring and wonder if the other person who wore it, was anything like herself, where the ring has been and what it has seen. When you choose a vintage engagement ring, you are bringing life back to a ring that would, instead, be stashed away in a box somewhere. Her vintage engagement ring can become an heirloom for you to pass down to future generations.
  5. Outstanding Craftsmanship – the beautiful, intricate vintage jewellery that is still around these days shows that the jewellers of days gone by spared no expense and took their time to create the stunning, detailed jewellery pieces that are so admired and desired by many. Rings made in those days, had stone arrangements and cuts unique to each ring as well as a variety of elegant settings that were way beyond their time. Vintage engagement rings are just as alluring now as they were in past decades, despite changing styles and trends, due mainly, to the unmatched craftsmanship of the time. While fashions change regularly, vintage jewellery has a lasting appeal that never goes out of style.
  6. Eco-Friendly – since vintage jewellery requires no new mining, a vintage engagement ring is an ideal choice for couples who care for the environment. In addition, vintage engagement rings contain no conflict diamonds, which are diamonds mined in an armed conflict region and sold to finance armed fighting. Gemstones referred to as “conflict diamonds” come from a time ranging from the early 1990s to the early 2000s, which means that rings created before this time, do not contain conflict diamonds.
  7. Money-Saving – something that is second-hand does not make it inferior, but instead, means that you will not have to clean out your bank account. Vintage engagement rings are previously owned and are normally less expensive than the rings of today with similar qualities and gemstone sizes. Buying a good quality vintage engagement ring, therefore, is an excellent financial choice.

Things To Consider When Buying A Vintage Engagement Ring

There are several key factors to take into consideration when you are shopping for a vintage engagement ring, including:

  • The Time Period – the period in which the ring was created is an easy method of giving context to a vintage engagement ring. It will also give you an idea of the characteristics you can expect. For instance, a ring created in the Victorian era, with sentimental motifs incorporated in the design, is perfect for someone who is a hopeless romantic.
  • Wear And Tear – since it is a vintage engagement ring, it has been worn before, so there is every likelihood that it is damaged in some way. Although certain wear and tear damage can make a ring look more interesting, it is important to make sure that there are no issues, such as loose prongs, which would require the services of a professional jeweller.
  • The Return Policy – Here at Charles Hart Jewellers and Vintage Tom we offer a full 14 day no quibble refund and a free postage returns service. We  can usually resize the ring, when possible, free of charge.

In Conclusion

If your significant other is a hopeless romantic, then you will not go wrong by buying her an exquisite vintage engagement ring that she will cherish for many years to come. Besides always being the centre of attention, she will also add to its history, and it can be an heirloom to hand down from one generation to another in the future.

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December 19, 2022 — CG Hart