Vintage jewellery is without a doubt stunning, and there are women from all walks of life who have a few of these cherished pieces in their jewellery collection. Many famous models, singers, and movie stars own exquisite items of vintage jewellery, and wear them with beautiful outfits for all the world to see.

One of the best places to see vintage jewellery displayed at its best is those times when Hollywood stars take that stroll down the red carpet showing off their stunning outfits and accessories. Following is a list of celebrities who wear vintage jewellery. Perhaps it includes one or two of your favourites?

Rihanna – this famous songstress just cannot go wrong. Her singing career has shot through the roof, and she looks fantastic no matter `what she wears. She has a rebellious, exotic image, oozes self-confidence, and would look fabulous even if she were wearing a black refuse bag! Rihanna has always favoured sterling silver jewellery and loves wearing the vintage and antique pieces she has in her collection.

Rihanna Vintage jewellery

Meghan Markle – Meghan Markle was one of the “in-crowd” way before she met and fell in love with the charming Prince Harry. She is known for the silver earrings she loves wearing, especially the droop pieces set with diamonds, which are her trademark and add plenty of sparkle to her beautiful eyes. She normally wears a minimum amount of jewellery but enjoys displaying the diamond earrings when attending one of the many social events she is invited to.

Paris Hilton – Paris loves all types of jewellery and enjoys wearing Art Deco when the occasion calls for it. She likes wearing her vintage jewellery even with casual clothing every day, especially when it’s made from denim, one of her favourite materials. She got engaged and bought her ring from Greene & Co. - 20 ct pear-shaped diamond in diamond surround and diamond split shank - Approx. $2 million

Paris Hilton Engagement ring

Naomi Campbell – sometimes the stories in the news about her might not be as flattering to her image as she would like them to be, but Naomi Campbell knows precisely how to make herself look like a million dollars every time! The fashion icon loves wearing lots of sterling silver, especially vintage jewellery pieces, which shows off her exquisite skin tone beautifully!

Solange Knowles – Solange, the younger sister of singing legend Beyonce, has developed a unique look of her own and loves wearing subtle, classic-looking vintage jewellery. The sterling silver pieces go exceptionally well with her stunning honey-coloured skin that many women would happily die for. 

Cara Delevingne – it is said that this well-known model, adored in the fashion world, can wear anything, and still look amazing. She wore a Chopard diamond necklace, chandelier earrings, and a floral ring at the 66th Cannes film festival, and proved on that occasion, that sometimes more is more! Incredibly, the diamond necklace, valued at a cool $1.3 million, was stolen the day after the festival, a scandal that caused the press to almost ignore the beautiful Cara Delevingne!

Cara Delevingne Chopard diamond necklace

Scarlett Johansson – the actress attended the Venice Film Festival wearing a Bulgari necklace of yellow gold with emeralds, blue and pink sapphires, and diamonds, as well as stud earrings. The thing she had most fun showing off though, was her stunning Art Deco diamond engagement ring!

Scarlett Johansson

Amy Adams – the actress, star of the movie American Hustle, brought plenty of glamour to the red carpet when she attended the SAG awards. The stunning vintage emerald, sapphire, and diamond Cartier earrings dating back to 1926 in her ears were the perfect match to the beautiful royal blue dress she was wearing.

Cate Blanchett – Australian actress, producer, and theatre director Cate Blanchett wowed the crowds at the BAM Belle Reve Gala, with her amazing statement gown. Even more stunning than her elegant statement gown, however, were the 82-carat diamond statement earrings she was wearing in her ears.

Sarah Jessica Parker – Sex in the City star and fashionista, Sarah Jessica Parker has been seen a few times, including at the 2013 BAFTA awards, wearing her exquisite crystal bracelets. These beautiful vintage pieces, which she usually wears with different statement rings, are either her favourites, or hold some type of sentimental value for her, but whatever her reason, the bracelets are absolutely gorgeous, nevertheless.

Jennifer Lawrence – American actress Jennifer Lawrence, wore her stunning coral, onyx, and jade earrings to the Golden Globes awards, which, according to, were one of the finest accessories worn at the event that year. Although she loves statement dresses and bold colours to walk the red carpet, she still looks elegant and classy and is being recognised more and more, as a style icon.

Jennifer Lawrence coral earrings

Meryl Streep – according to this superb actress, with no less than 18 Oscar nominations, she knows nothing about fashion, yet she has a confident and timeless sophistication that is constantly exceeding fashion trends. When attending the debut of “Iron Lady” in London, she enhanced the appearance of her fabulous outfit, with a chunky gold statement necklace, that other attendees to the event found tremendously impressive.

Still More Vintage Jewellery Pieces Favoured By Celebrities

Love bracelet

The Cartier Love Bracelet could perhaps, be one of the most frequently seen pieces of vintage jewellery on the red carpet. Anyone buying the bracelet can lock it securely, with the help of a unique screw and key, onto the wrist of the recipient, as a symbol of the couple’s eternal love for each other. However, once locked on, these bracelets are so difficult to remove, that the emergency rooms in some hospitals even have special tools on hand to remove them!

Cartier Love Bracelet

Celebrities sporting these love bracelets include:

  • Kylie Jenner
  • Pippa Middleton
  • Kanye West
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Katie Holmes
  • Eva Mendes
  • Jennifer Anniston

Hermes’ enamel bracelet

This piece of vintage jewellery is another bracelet popular with several celebrities. The piece comes in a variety of colours, like gold, silver, black, as well as orange, the brand’s signature colour. Celebrities seen wearing one or more of the Hermes’ enamel bracelet, include:

  • Eva Longoria
  • Mel B
  • Victoria Beckham


Watches are frequently used to make a statement, and the signature Serpenti watch by Bulgari has been a favourite of several celebrities for many years, going as far back as 1960, when Elizabeth Taylor was seen to be wearing one at the Cleopatra press tour, during the 1960s.

Elizabeth Taylor

The design of the watch was inspired by gas pipes and their ability to curl around objects, so they are made to coil around the wrist like a serpent. The face of the watch also resembles a snake and comes in a range of finishes, including yellow gold and stainless steel.

Elizabeth Taylor set the trend for the vintage piece, which resulted in other famous celebrities taking the cue, like:

  • Naomi Watts
  • Ashley Olsen
  • Julianne Moore


Vintage necklaces like the Alhambra necklace by Van Cleef and Arpels can be seen everywhere in Hollywood. This casual statement item is a favourite of famous celebrities such as:

  • Cameron Diaz
  • Reece Witherspoon
  • Mariah Carey

In conclusion

It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and while there might be some truth in this, there is an enormous selection of vintage jewellery items found in the collections of celebrities. This can often be seen in photographs of those times when celebrities take to the red carpet, with stunning vintage jewellery pieces popping up time and time again.

This proves that there are some accessories that the rich and famous of Hollywood simply cannot do without whether for their own pleasure or as competition with those worn by other celebrities! To add to your collection of beautiful Vintage Jewellery we have many fine collections to choose from.

February 23, 2021 — CG Hart