Have you heard the story about a lady who lost her $35000 diamond engagement ring? She was pregnant and knowing she would have to rush to hospital any day she hid the ring in an old watch box, but did not tell her husband. The day came and she went to her local hospital where she gave birth, completely forgetting about her ring. Her husband then thought it a good idea to have a clear out, and threw a load of old stuff into a box and took it to a local second hand store, the watch box among it! On his visit to his wife she then remembered about the ring, and her husband needed oxygen pretty quickly knowing what he had done! He did not tell her what he had done. He quickly ran back to the store, luckily the store holder had opened the box and gave him the ring, what an honest man.

This is a story that is a warning to all who hide money, jewellery etc. At least TELL someone else what you have done. People also forget where they actually hide things when they go away, especially on a long cruise. Its amazing, but people actually hide things in the most bizarre places, an old can or box, then throw the container away! Another tip is that  write a little hint on your calendar or smartphone calendar for the day after you come back from your vacation

Hopefully this may avoid a lot of tears

May 31, 2018 — CG Hart