“Amethyst” is derived from the Alexandrian word “amethystos,” which in English, means “to not intoxicate.” In ancient times, the Greeks believed that people wearing the amethyst would be protected against becoming intoxicated and keep the wearer sober-minded and clear-headed.

The Legend of Amethyst

According to legend, Dionysus, the god of wine, wanted to punish those who showed disrespect for his creation with their mindless drinking and overindulgence. He descended Mount Olympus and punished the first drunk person he came across, by changing that person into white quartz. It is said that this person was a beautiful woman by the name of Amethyst.

Her tears of wine running down her statue caused Dionysus to feel remorseful when he realised what he had done. The quartz changed from white to purple as the wine seeped through it and it is believed that this was the origin of every Amethyst stone.

The Benefits Related To Amethyst

The February birthstone, however, doesn’t only prevent the wearer from drinking too much and becoming inebriated. Amethyst is also an emotional stimulant that revives worn-out imagination and triggers concealed creativity in the person’s body.

Ideas flow freely because the stone soothes an anxious mind that has become drunk by ungodly passions. In other words, by looking at intoxication from another perspective, if you wear amethyst, it will not only protect you from physical drunkenness but from spiritual and emotional intoxication as well.

victorian amethyst pendant

Reasons To Add Amethyst To Your Jewellery Collection

Whether the above beliefs are genuine or not, the bottom line is that amethyst is a stunning stone and one that definitely deserves a place in your jewellery collection!

Besides its ability to give serenity and peace to the wearer, it is also said to have excellent cancer-healing capabilities as well. Amethyst should be worn against the body where it needs to be healed. Breathing and circulation problems can be improved by wearing an amethyst pendant close to the heart and lungs.

Placing amethyst near windows in the home that get plenty of moonlight and sunlight, will scatter energy to get rid of negativity and disperse positive energies everywhere and maintain a peaceful ambiance.

Key Characteristics Of Amethyst

At one point in history, the February birthstone was only allowed to be worn by royalty. It could have been due to the ancient Greeks believing it to have the power to protect people against drunkenness, or perhaps because of its many other characteristics, which included:

  • Strong relationships
  • Royalty
  • Courage
  • Peace
  • Serenity
  • Temperance

The amethyst also promotes self-control and increases romantic feelings between couples. It is also said to be a symbol of protection to help the wearer to overcome hardships. Wearing the February birthstone is known to also bring stability to a restless mind and strengthen both mental and emotional well-being.

Traits Of People Who Have Amethyst As Their Birthstone

These people are the daydreamers of society because of their mellow and calm personalities. They are quite spiritual and avoid confrontations wherever possible. Much of their time is spent thinking about the things they want to do and achieve in life. They imagine scenarios where they meet certain people, being adored by all, and doing things that impress the entire world.

Those with amethyst as their birthstone are exceptionally creative and will always stand up for themselves. They rarely back down, even more so if they know for sure, that the other person is in the wrong, but will readily admit to if they themselves are at fault.

However, these people are also quiet and humble, but at the same, can be daring and stubborn. They crave freedom, always follow their dreams and are more than happy with their own company and do things that make them feel content with life. They are also imaginative and sensitive, compassionate and kind, selfless and unworldly, and intuitive and sympathetic.

As mentioned above, the amethyst is associated with Dionysus, the god of wine, which is probably the reason why people with this birthstone normally have strong and healthy stomachs. They can usually enjoy drinking without becoming too intoxicated, and stay sober, with a clear mind, most of the time. Amethysts normally protect these people from negativity and darkness.

On the other hand, people with the amethyst birthstone can be secretive and vague, idealistic, or escapist, and also tend to be weak-willed and easily led. They love both the abstract and reality and most times and have abstract thoughts. They are extremely intelligent and use their thoughts to improve their careers and always find the best ways to solve personal problems.

Their personalities tend to change frequently. At one moment they will be shy and reserved, and in the next moment, suddenly become aggressive and temperamental. They are usually attractive, sexually-appealing individuals that enjoy their freedom, and have an incredible determination to reach their goals in life. At the same time, however, they always make time to pamper themselves and have that much-needed rest that they deserve.

Amethyst people are ambitious, stubborn, and daring, and if restricted, will become rebellious. They won’t stop until their hopes and dreams are realised, and if you don’t believe in their cause, will simply carry on without you. They are loyal and honest, and while they enjoy making new friends, will very seldom demonstrate this. Although hopeless romantics on the inside, they find it extremely difficult to demonstrate love.

In Conclusion

The amethyst stone also represents love, so it is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or to give a loved one who is celebrating a birthday in February. View our beautiful collection of amethyst jewellery at Vintage Tom for some unusual and rare jewellery.

February 01, 2021 — CG Hart