Aquamarine The Birthstone For March & Its Meaning

With March almost upon us, what better time than now to look at the beautiful Aquamarine birthstone for March birthdays. It is a stunning gemstone that has captivated people for centuries with its mesmerizing blue-green color and unique metaphysical properties. Let's delve into the meaning of aquamarine and its significance across different cultures and beliefs.

Aquamarine, a beautiful gemstone whose name originates from the Latin words for water ("aqua") and sea ("marina"), carries rich symbolic meanings and associations. Traditionally, aquamarine is known for its stunning blue to blue-green colors, which remind many of clear ocean waters. Here are some of the symbolic meanings attributed to aquamarine:
Aquamarine ring

  1. **Serenity and Calmness**: The tranquil blue hue of aquamarine is believed to evoke feelings of peace and calm, mirroring the soothing essence of the sea. It is often used as a talisman for reducing stress and quieting the mind.


  1. **Protection for Travelers**: Historically, sailors would carry aquamarine to protect them against the dangers of the sea, including storms and getting lost. It was considered a powerful amulet for safe passage over water.


  1. **Clear Communication**: Aquamarine is associated with the throat chakra, which is the center of communication in the body. It is believed to help the wearer express their thoughts and feelings more clearly and to enhance their ability to communicate effectively, especially in difficult situations.


  1. **Healing Properties**: Aquamarine is also associated with healing and is said to have a soothing influence on sore throats, swollen glands, and thyroid problems. Its calming energies are thought to reduce stress and the physical symptoms that can accompany it.


  1. **Marital Harmony**: Given its calming and soothing energies, aquamarine is sometimes used as a symbol of harmony and happiness in marriages. It is believed to encourage a loving and compassionate relationship between partners.


  1. **Courage and Overcoming Fear**: The gemstone is also thought to imbue the wearer with courage, aiding them in overcoming fears and phobias. It promotes a sense of bravery and can assist in moving through transitions or challenging situations with more ease.


  1. **Wisdom and Insight**: Aquamarine is said to promote clarity of the mind, helping individuals to make decisions and to see the truth in situations. It is also associated with the enhancement of spiritual awareness and intuition.

Physical Properties of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a variety of beryl, a mineral that includes other gemstones such as emerald. Its distinct color and physical properties make it a cherished gemstone in jewellery making and collecting. Here are some of the key physical properties of aquamarine:

  1. Color: Aquamarine is most famous for its range of blue colors, from the palest hint of blue to deep sea-blue shades. The color is due to the presence of iron ions within the crystal structure. The most prized aquamarines are those with a deeply saturated blue color, though these are relatively rare compared to the lighter shades.
  2. Hardness: On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, aquamarine scores a solid 7.5 to 8. This makes it quite durable and suitable for everyday wear in jewellery, although it still requires care to avoid scratching or damage.
  3. Crystal Structure: Aquamarine has a hexagonal crystal system, which is a characteristic it shares with all beryl gemstones. This crystal structure can sometimes be observed in the gemstone's physical form, particularly in raw or uncut specimens.
  4. Refractive Index: The refractive index of aquamarine ranges from 1.567 to 1.590. This property measures how much light is bent, or refracted, when entering the stone. The refractive index contributes to the gemstone's brilliance and sparkle.
  5. Specific Gravity: Aquamarine has a specific gravity between 2.68 to 2.74. Specific gravity is a measure of the density of a mineral compared to the density of water. This property can help in identifying gemstones and distinguishing them from similar looking materials.
  6. Cleavage: Aquamarine has imperfect cleavage in one direction. Cleavage refers to the way a mineral breaks along certain planes of weakness in its crystal structure. While this property is not often visible in finished gemstones, it is a consideration during the cutting and setting processes to avoid damage.
  7. Luster: The luster of aquamarine is vitreous, meaning it has a glass-like appearance that contributes to its appeal in jewellery.
  8. Transparency: Aquamarine can range from transparent to translucent, with the most valuable stones being those that are completely clear and free of inclusions or cloudiness.
  9. Treatments: Many aquamarines are heat-treated to enhance their blue color and reduce greenish tones. This treatment is stable and generally accepted within the gem and jewellery industry.

aquamarine and diamond ring

These physical properties, combined with its serene color, contribute to aquamarine's popularity and desirability as a gemstone. Whether set in jewellery or collected as mineral specimens, aquamarine captivates with its beauty and durability.

Aquamarine in Astrology

In astrology, aquamarine is linked to the zodiac signs of Pisces and Aries. Pisces, governed by Neptune, embodies creativity, intuition, and spirituality, while Aries, ruled by Mars, represents courage, passion, and energy. Aquamarine is believed to amplify the positive attributes of these signs, providing guidance and protection to individuals born under them. Wearers of aquamarine jewellery are thought to experience heightened energy levels, enhanced creativity, and improved emotional equilibrium.


Aquamarine is a truly magical gemstone with a rich history and diverse metaphysical properties. Whether admired for its beauty, utilized for its healing qualities, or worn for its astrological significance, aquamarine is sure to infuse your life with luck, protection, and positive energy. With March birthdays around the corner consider incorporating aquamarine into your jewellery collection or crystal healing practice to experience the myriad benefits of this exquisite gemstone.  You can view our fine collection of aquamarine jewellery here

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February 20, 2024 — CG Hart