You have a lot of things to consider when selecting an engagement ring. After all, it is a piece that you will be wearing every day for many years. It can be difficult to choose from the many options available in diamond engagement rings. This is especially true when they all look very similar.

An antique or vintage diamond engagement ring makes a great choice and you might find an alluring vintage engagement ring to be the perfect fit. 

Unique Designs

Vintage engagement rings are rare because they aren't mass-produced. They have more character and personality, and are truly one-of-a kind. Our clients are looking for something unique and not the same as everyone else. Vintage engagement rings are often unique because they have intricate engravings, millegrains, enamel, and calibre set stones. These details aren't as common in modern jewellery.

marquise shaped sapphire and diamond ring

Because each ring is handmade, there are no exact copies. Vintage rings are a great choice for someone looking for something unique. The best thing about vintage rings is the fact that they can still be worn today, even though many are over 100 years old. They have stood the test of time and it will never be questioned why you fell for this trend.

They Are Sustainable

The fact that antique or vintage engagement rings can be used to create new ones is a sign of sustainability. Because the diamonds were extracted decades ago, you don't need to worry about them being conflict-free. It doesn't matter if you use energy to make something else.

Diamond Cuts & Gemstones

Because they were hand-cut, old cut diamonds and gemstones have a unique look that is hard to find in machine-cut stones. Each diamond and gemstone are cut by hand, so each one is unique. This results in a more interesting personality and character.
Belle Epoqué emerald and diamond ring

Although there are many cutters who can cut old miners, old Euros or rose cuts today, very few know how to preserve the charm of the older cuts. A computer program could not be used to determine the largest stone from a rough piece. The older stones are generally more interesting.

Fine Craftsmanship

The ring's quality was unmatched, regardless of whether it was made in America or France. All items were made by hand. It was hard work to train for an artistic career. Jewelers used to have to be apprenticed for many years before being able to create their own work. They were skilled in many areas, including engraving, millegrain and pave.Today, there are very few people who still do the old way. Today, most craftspeople are skilled in only one technique.
Victorian multi cluster diamond ring

Most pieces today are cast and accepted. It's very rare for jewellers to make a piece of jewellery by hand. It is now prohibitively expensive to create pieces by hand.

Romantic Histories

It's romantic to know that someone's ring is part of their story. The historical aspect is also important. Each era has its own unique visual style that reflects the fashion of the time. The Belle Epoque was rich in scrolls and flourishes.

These pieces are more refined and lighter. The Art Deco era saw the trend towards geometric shapes and more use of coloured gemstones. Platinum was back in fashion after the war.

Excellent Value

Vintage engagement rings are generally very affordable. Second-hand dealers often buy what is on the market. When pricing a piece, they don't often consider the cost for the mounting. This is despite the fact that the mounting was made by skilled craftsmen.

It is difficult to recreate the cost of engraving or millegrain today. Mounting is often a very valuable part of the overall value. The majority of the cost of a stone is usually in its mounting. The stone that does come out usually weighs more than we estimated. This is a huge benefit to the consumer.

August 02, 2022 — CG Hart