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One of England's oldest family Jewellers - established in 1820

Charles Hart are known throughout the local area for carrying out good quality jewellery and watch repairs at very competitive prices. We use the services of at least three specialist goldsmiths and we can undertake repairs of most watches including Rolex, Omega and Cartier.

Stone setting and replacement is our specialty and we can speak directly to your insurers if there is a need and are a recommended jeweller to the LMG Group of loss adjusters. In the case of a full loss, we can quote for replacements.

We offer a watch battery replacement service usually on the premises, with prices starting at £6.95 although some specialist brands may require sending away especially for re-seal.

We also undertake pearl and bead restringing, hand engraving and re-plating. Unfortunately we do not offer a clock repair service.

Please call our store on 01373 462089 for any information or drop your item into us for a free quotation and one of our knowledgeable staff or indeed Mr Alex Hart will be delighted to assist you.


Accurate valuation service at our Charles Hart store

We undertake valuations for Insurance and Division between parties (divorce etc). Our valuer has been appraising jewellery etc for nearly forty years and is a member of the National Association of Goldsmiths. Many professionals use our valuation service and our fee is from £75. This includes the valuation of one item. Thereafter each item from 2-10 we charge £10 per item, thereafter we charge £5 per item. For this you receive a full appraisal of the worth of the item(s), a photograph, a copy for your insurers and full explanatory notes. We do not take your address at any time during the process to maintain your full security.
We are no longer able to offer a Probate Valuation service, however we can still value items as if for insurance and then place a note on the appraisal stating that for probate you should divide the value by between 4-6. We can advise at the time or contact us for further information

Unlike many other jewellers we will re-type any of our old valuations providing they are less than three years old, typically 50% less than your original fee is £35.00. We can also visit your home for £60. This is however free if your fee exceeds £150.

We will sometimes appraise item(s) in a day if we can, but normally no longer than four to five days. Please bring in to us any old valuations or receipts.

Many customers say that their insurers do not require them to obtain a valuation. Be careful of this advice as in many cases when items are lost or stolen the onus is upon you to prove their worth and a post loss appraisal almost always ensures that the client is the loser.

You can always contact our valuer for free advice on 01373 462090. We also offer excellent and competitive rates for insurance.

We have a leaflet we can send you, so please ring us with your address details and we will gladly send you one.



We would like to purchase your items of unwanted jewellery. This can be an old broken chain, a vintage diamond ring or an unwanted watch.

We buy some items at the current scrap price. If the items are broken or have no re sale value then we will offer the going rate on that day. Please note this price does change on a daily basis. Those items are then sent away immediately to be melted down.

However we don’t purchase every item at the scrap rate. If you have a nice piece of jewellery that clearly wouldn’t be scrapped then we will offer you a fair price for it. We buy these items to re sell in our shop, sell on our website or it may be sent to auction.

Second hand watches is now an area that is growing for us. We would be interested to purchase any nice quality watches from you, eg Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Longines, Gucci, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Ebel etc.

We can also sell your jewellery on your behalf. By doing this you will obtain a higher price for your jewellery than selling it straight to us or sending it to auction. We place the item in our shop at a price both parties agree on and if it sells we take a 25% commission (we have to take this amount as if the item develops a fault after it is sold we have to guarantee it). Of course there is no guarantee how quick the item will sell, but this generate a better return for you in the long run. Please note there is a £25 non refundable admin charge for this service, which covers insurance whilst the item is with us.

If any of the above is of interest to you please visit our shop with your item(s) or call us on 01373 462089 or 01373 462090

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