A vintage plique-a-jour enamelled brooch

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A vintage silver brooch, plique-a-jour enamelled into the shape of a butterfly. The head is set with two  small rubies , with marcasite stones added to the wings and body, and a freshwater pearl set to the base 

Size 40x45mm, weight 9.7grams. Gift box supplied, post free, quibble free returns [policy

The Dictionary of Enamelling by Erika Speel defines Plique-a-Jour as "Translucent or Opalescent Enamels fused to span across a network of cells formed with gold, silver, silvered copper, or copper, without a backing under the glazed areas. The fused enamel is an integral part of the finished surface, with the glaze forming a shell veined with metal outlines. Plique-a-jour is seen to best effect when lit strongly from the back. 

She also states "Plique-a-jour has been in fashion since the late 19th century for jewellery and small decorative articles. Therefore the worth of these pieces resides in the inspirational designs and high quality of craftsmanship rather than in the intrinsic value of the metal base."


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