A Fine Victorian Emerald Doublet Dress Ring

SKU: P19337


A fine 18 carat gold dress ring containing five cushion shaped emerald doublet stones (see below). Each stone has a top layer of real emerald with a glass base layer. It is unusual to find a ring like this from the Victorian era. The colour of the stones are a deep dark green with excellent clarity.

A ring with fully cut emeralds of this clarity and colour would cost in excess of £5000. Stone sizes vary from 4.5mm, 5mm, to the entire stone 7x6mm. The head measures 20x7mm, depth 4.7mm, weight 4.5grams. Hallmark Chester 1884. 

Size M. Please note we are unable to adjust the size on this ring due to the stones not being able to take the heat when sizing.

Gift box supplied, quibble free return policy within 14 days. 

A gemstone doublet is occasionally referred to in layman's terms as a gemstone sandwich. It's created in layers by gluing different materials together to form a gemstone. The way a gemstone doublet works is that the lower, larger portion is made of a another material. In this case the stones have been handmade to create this amazing look of true emeralds.

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