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Platinum in the past

Posted on Aug 18,2018 || By CharlesHart

Platinum has long been the most precious of metals. Hard wearing, with a lovely understated hue, this metal has been popular very much trhough the 20th century, Art Deco to todays most precious jewellery pieces. The Edwardians like to mount stones... Read More

Ruby Wedding anniversary

Posted on May 31,2018 || By CharlesHart

If you have been married for 39 years, next year is a biggie for you! 40 years of marriage in this day and age should not be sniffed at. Its a fantastic achievement and celebration of love and devotion to one person. A ruby is the stone that... Read More

Emerald and diamond rings

Posted on May 31,2018 || By CharlesHart

Emerald rings. It seems that emeralds are never out of fashion, yet never top of fashion either. They are a timeless gemstone. Have a look at this one just come into our stock. A real bargain at just £350!

A pretty marquise shape... Read More

Avoiding a dangerous situation!

Posted on May 31,2018 || By CharlesHart

Have you heard the story about a lady who lost her $35000 diamond engagement ring? She was pregnant and knowing she would have to rush to hospital any day she hid the ring in an old watch box, but did not tell her husband. The day came and s... Read More

Vintage Tom- people seem to like us!

Posted on May 31,2018 || By CharlesHart

Many people may worry about buying jewellery online. We offer a great service to people who want to purchase antique & vintage jewellery, rings, watches and more, people like us… and maybe this is why………&helli... Read More

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