A beautiful diamond

We have just bought in this beautiful ring set with the most lovely of brilliant cut white diamonds.
The stone is believed to have been purchased in Austria in the 1930s. Whilst in discussion with our customer on purchasing this ring it was left to him by his mother. He seems to think it is a ‘water white diamond’. We cannot be sure of this as it will need certificating to be sure. This left us to think upon what sort of diamond could be described as such. Research shows us that water white stones are very pure in colour and clarity, but of course no stone is ‘perfect’, but one requires high magnification to see any tiny imperfection.
The Gemological Institute grade diamonds from D to K, the purest being the former. The early letters are very white, the later letters see’s more tinting or yellowing. D grade is called ‘water white’.
The whiter the diamond, the higher the cost, exceptional white stones are rare and costly. We believe this ring has a stone set into it that is beautiful, and has a purity to it which is only truly visible when on the finger. There is more information if you view the ring in the Diamond Ring section of the website.



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